Here are a few choice short cuts from the archives. SHORTS   COMEDY/ANIMATION/STAGE            

FlashBack – Hank -DnB Music video “Guns don’t kill people…”

Flashback from the early days. Circa 2000s “Guns don’t kill people… People kill people” Watch the whole video for the retort to this statement which sadly has only become even more true. This was created just before 9-11. This a short DnB docu-music video – Couldn’t think of a better word for it then or now. Created around the same time as the Radiohead video. You will see some of this video crept in to the RH video if you look closely. []

Journal – Writing a script on my phone or trying to…

So here I am talking into my phone like a lunatic. Trying to write without hitting the keyboard. Trying to find a way that I can write and walk killing two birds with one stone or at least stretching my limbs while I stretch my mind.¬† I just tried using writerduet to kickstart my scripts. Links here to see how well that idea went. I have two in mind. The first is the one I’ve admittedly been struggling with Vigilante, the story []