Here are a few choice short cuts from the archives. SHORTS   COMEDY/ANIMATION/STAGE            

Shoot Her Dead

She felt around her belly. It was wet but she couldn’t move, couldn’t feel. She didn’t know it but the bullet had blown out her spine and ruptured her spleen and churned up her insides. She pulled her hands back and saw the blood. Then she started to cry.


Round of the week’s comings and going at the old YouTube. Been putting together another piece talking about what I love the []


4 vlog entries to catch you all up. Game of Thrones vs Avengers, Hellboy(2019), short story writing and more Game of Thrones. Enjoy.

Music4Films – The Dark – Prologue

Here’s a little something I’ve been working on, learning to score. I’ve always made little tunes but recently I’ve made a concerted effort to learn the piano and Abelton. Signed up to a rent-to-own website called splice and got my hands on Serum and some great presets and found myself making this. Hope you enjoy it. I’ve got a few more in the works so when they are ready I’ll up load them.