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SCENE ONE. The First prop on stage is a large rectangular box. The type used to transport popcorn tubes in. It is just big enough to fit a couple of people in and would reach their waists when standing.

The Second prop is a sign that reads


They are the only props in an otherwise black/blank stage.

An ESTATE AGENT leads a young professional couple (PETER and FIONA) onto the stage

AGENT: So, the next place we’re going to look at is a charming little property under the bridge here in Hammersmith. It’s a great location, stunning views with a great bohemian vibe.

PETER: Sounds interesting.

AGENT: The last owner has recently moved on and the property could do with a woman’s touch…

(THE ESTATE AGENT presents the box)

…but I’m sure you’ll see the potential of it when we get there.

(They look a moment at the box it is stained and battered – Taped up with the black and yellow police tape that reads POLICE – KEEP OUT)

FIONA: Well I don’t mind a little DIY but…


AGENT: Great isn’t it? Let me find the keys…

(THE AGENT pulls out a stanley knife and cuts the crime scene tape allowing the box to open as a front door would THE AGENT then gestures to the couple to enter)

Apres Vous!

(All three enter the Box, squashed in like sardines. Their heads poke out the top whilst they strain to look around)

Airy and quaint. This is an early 21st century construction, double walled corrugated cardboard…

FIONA: Real cardboard?

AGENT: Ah yeah, made from trees. Real Trees. 100% Organic.

(PETER gives it a little knock to test the claim. FIONA is easily impressed by the Organic bit)

AGENT: Originally this unit was use to house popcorn but was converted by the previous owner in an open plan style. Of course you could always subdivide, but personally for a young couple, such as yourselves I would wait and live in it a while and get a feel for the place.

FIONA: Oh I’m really into the open plan thing and this will be our first place together.


READ NOW (opens as a PDF)





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