BURN – Part 2


A busy mid morning street in the old financial centre of the city – old Victorian and Georgian buildings jostle for breath between the new upstarts of glass and steel.

The engine growl of a large black Bentley hastily pulls up nearly knocking over an unwary pedestrian.

Out of the car steps two men. Johnny runs around the car by the time that Frank is out of the drivers side, Johnny is physically reassuring him.

Stay here Frank. Keep the engine running.

Johnny straightens Frank’s tie.

Don’t worry little brother. You did good.

As Johnny enters the club he throws and packet of cigarettes back to his brother.


With his fingers, he makes the universal sign for lighter.

A PRETTY GIRL steps out of the club past down the steps and stops to straighten her shoe.
Both Johnny and Frank see the girl and Johnny sees a little of the Lothario in his little brother and that brightens him some more.

Johnny throws Frank the lighter, it’s battered silver zippo.

And don’t smoke in the car.

Frank lights a fag and leans against the car. He looks at the bloody zippo, and wipes it clean before popping all into his pocket. The nicotine hit does it’s job. He begins to calm down and eyes the pretty smile in a short skirt. He grins she grins as she slips her shoe back on and strolls off. When she looks back Frank follows.

Back at the Bentley through the back windows of that monstrous car WE SEE one half of the split back seat wobble a little.

The wobble becomes a shake which becomes more violent until the seat explodes open.
Slowly, out of the dark hole, a battered hand feels it’s way out looking for something to grab a hold. A second hand clutching a tire iron, joins the first. Both hands become arms gaining purpose, pulling the bloody and broken MICKEY out – sucking air like a new born.

The forty year old hard man has clearly have been through hell and back. The silver gaffer tape around his wrists chewed through, bits of it still in Mickeys mouth. He spites out the tape and pops his head up to look around. No sign of Frank. Where is he?

Mickey sees the keys in the dash and for a moment he seems he is reaching for them – instead he reaches into the glove compartment, but finds nothing but pens and sweet wrappers.

WE SEE Mickey’s POV as his gaze goes from the glove compartment to through the windshield and there, not too far from the car, he sees Frank chatting up Pretty Girl

Frank sees Mickey and rushes back to the car, pushing the Pretty Girl aside.

Mickey grabs the cars stick and slams it into drive popping the gangsters car into the van in front, setting of the van’s alarm and causing Frank to miss the Bentley’s door handle.

Mickey violently slams the car’s door open into Frank, slamming the big man to the pavement.

Frank pulls out his gun and the crowd scatter. He gets up and WE SEE that the street side door is now open and Mickey has vanished.

We follow Frank as he edges around the car. Mickey’s not there. Frank looks up and down the street then stalks around the other side of the car – again no sign of Mickey.

Another gangster, LUAN, comes out of the club and see’s Frank’s gun is unholstered.
Just as he’s saying…

Put that away…

…Mickey swings the tire iron out from under the car and shatters Frank’s shin bone. Frank fires off a shot, the crowd scatters as the gangster fails to the pavement head first, releasing his hold on the gun sending it skittling towards the Skirt.

Luan pulls his own weapon out and fires at the car but Mickey has already gone.

Luan pulls out his radio.

LUAN (into The Radio)
Shit! We got a situation!

What now?

He’s loose.

Handle it!

Micky leaps out of nowhere jamming a pen into Luan’s neck. As Luan drops, mickey grabs his gun and puts two bullets into the gangsters brain sending bits of brain and skull exploding into the midday sun.

Mickey looks down at the all but unconscious Frank. Leaning down, he points his captured weapon against Franks head and whispers something unheard into the fallen mans ear – the muzzle of the gun searing flesh.

The Pretty Girl is still on her arse pinned against the railings. The gun in front of her. The street of bystanders transfixed.

Mickey bends down and picks up the second weapon causing the Pretty Girl to recoil in horror from this bloody beaten thug, shoeless wearing and stripped to the waist.

He looks around once last time at the crowd before pocketing the second gun and enters the club.


The cavernous club seems to be deserted. Mickey holds his stolen weapon primed.

He watches his corners. He searches the cloak room – empty. He checks the box office – empty.

The corridor opens up into a large amphitheater. Daylight streams in from a giant Victorian skylight illuminating the deserted dance floor – Half open spirit boxes stacked next to the equally deserted bar.

Damn strange. Too quiet.

Out of the gloom behind him Johnny throws a wire around Mickey’s neck. Mickey struggles at the wire now cutting into his throat.

Two more goons approach from the front, raising their guns. Mickey instantly shoot both goons then tries to shoot Johnny in the foot but misses.

It’s enough to cause the wire to loosen allowing Mickey to drop to the floor just dodging a couple of incoming shots fired from the second goon who ends up shooting Johnny in the arm.

Johnny responds by shooting the second goon dead then shoots the already hobbling Mickey before he can reach the bar.

Johnny’s shoulder is bleeding like a bitch but it doesn’t seem to matter to him Mickey’s leg oozes dark crimson onto the pale marble floor.

Get up! Get up you prick!

The rest of the security emerge from the shadows, all dressed in black armed with MP5’s. Mickey struggles to get up.

What happened to you man?

The security team hang back as Johnny punches Mickey back to the floor.

I want to know. What the fuck happened to you?

Mickey gestures to Johnny to give him a moment – which he does out of some long standing respect.

Come on.

Johnny throws a punch that Mickey deflects simultaneously returning one that connects with Johnny’s wound.

So that’s how it is eh?

No answer from Mickey.

Fuck you too then.

The two fight. Trading blows and kicks of old rivals and of two men who have had better days.

The security team is entertained by this impromptu show. They edge forward…


The crowd stop advancing. Mickey lands punch to the side of Johnny’s face. Sneaky little shit.

The fight continues and ends up near the bar with Mickey in a head lock and it looks likes it over.

Mickey kicks out against the bar, but is dragged back. Johnny leavers harder and harder until he squeezes the life out of Mickey releasing the limp body to the floor. He walks out of the light towards us stopping The Redhead, SHE standing with her back to us. Her cascading bright red hair creating a halo against the light.

Are you done?

It’s over.

She looks around the big man and behind him Mickey is gone from where he fell – we see him darting behind the bar. Automatic fire rings out shattering the bar back.

Exploding bottles and glass spark causing fires to break out and the preliminary fire alarm to sound.

Sneaky little fuck.

WHIP PAN to Johnny’s POV on bar. The security creep around either end of the bar.

Alright! Alright! I give up. You win!

And What?

Mickey laughs.

I never liked you Mickey. You were always soft. Sentimental. But I respected you. Always had respect. You got things done. But this… What you did…

Blah blah blah..


Do me a favour Johnny…Please just kill me already.

At either end of the bar the two security men step into puddles of spirits as a line of fire streaks towards them exploding the puddles and lighting them up like burning kebabs.

Finally the sprinklers turn on.

Cautiously Johnny and the remaining goons approach the bar.

WE SEE Johnny’s POV as a Molotov cocktail sails over the bar towards us exploding in fire across the screen.



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