Burn – Part 3

The cottage is your mid somerset new age setup. Dream catchers, hand carved African statues, Persian rugs and a Gustav Klimt print or two.

The kitchen is a big open plan affair – Sink, dishwasher fridge at one end, big iron Arger at the other. Giant Dining table in the middle.

WE HEAR a disturbance outside. Chickens cry out. The growl of a Fox.

We calmly glide out of the kitchen into the moonlit garden and towards the chicken coop.


Even in the dark the garden is beautiful. The grass like a meadow surrounded by a multitude of different purposefully planted trees. Some fruit, some medicinal some just cause they are beautiful. None are as grand and as beautiful as the giant willow tree that stand watch over the old stone cottage. It’s walls made of the same white/grey stone of the low walls that surround the property.

A solitary road leads in from the north. Woods off to the south. Fields of rape all around.

We coast around the back of the property and now we see the chicken coop.

The door half chewed the rest pushed in.

WE HEAR The chickens fighting back and as a bushy tail backs out of the coop to reveal a fox with a still struggling chicken in his mouth.

The fox turns and for a moment regards the woman standing in front of him.

The woman holding the rifle.

This is your last warning Mr Fox.

LILITH’s is tall black and fiercely beautiful. She wears her age well and has little need of makeup. A Nubian princess in PJs.

The fox considers his options.

His prize trying to escape it prison of teeth and maw.

He flinches faking a chicken drop and pulling back towards the fields.

He gets but two feet before Lilith shoots him ending his escape.

The chicken struggles free and runs off.

Lilith decides she can’t be bothered chasing after the chicken and instead she attends to the coop, jury rigging the door till she can do something better.

It’ll have to do til morning.

She then take the fox carcass and throws it far into the field of rape.

She takes one last look out in the direction the chicken fled and she clucks a few times and waits a moment, but there is no reply. She then goes back into the house leaving the back door open.

Just in case.

A few moments later she comes back out and leaves a line of chicken feed from the garden into the cottage, before retiring for the night.


Lilith looks to the clock barely past midnight and rolls her eyes. She’ll be up all night now.

Black and white young and big, HENRY the cat pushes up against her leg.

What? I’m not giving you any food.

The cat carries sucking up regardless.


She goes to the fridge and drinks from the bottle teasing the cat.

HENRY looks back knowing full well she’ll break. Which she does without much fight and pours more milk into one cat dish amongst many.

Fine, but don’t tell the others.

Too late. Three more cats come out of nowhere. TIGER TIM a naughty tiger tom, MUNCHKIN an old tabby and FAT ALBERT who’s been sleeping in one of the bowls.

Are you guys texting each other? If so I seriously have to cut your allowance.

She serves the cats first before she pouring herself a glass and popping it in the microwave.

Then she dives under the kitchen bench for a moment before coming back up with a half empty bottle of rum.

She pours the rum into the milk adds a little honey and sits at the table. Henry jumps up on the table his whisker still covered in milk.

He tries to steal her RumChata but she flicks him away.

Suddenly she stops. Did she hear something?

Parhaps not.

She puts her hand across the table and pulls back an ornate wooden box. The size of a cigar box,its wood ancient. Gold inlay adorns all sides. She runs her hand over the cigar box once before opening and with the contents she proceeds to roll a joint.

Again she stops.

She gets up and looks out of a window door the road.


She looks back to the table and Henry is trying to help himself to her weed.

You remember what happened last time?

She grabs her slipper and throws it at the cat who reacts by skidding off the table narrowly missing the slipper.

Clearly not. Enjoy your trip.

She reaches out and retrieves her slipper finishing rolling the joint she lights up and takes a big inhale.

Smiles and reaches out for the cookie jar.

Again she looks out of the window. This time we see headlights coming down the road.
She watches them as they get closer then she moves away from the window and leans in close to the front door listening.

WE HEAR a car pulling up.

Car doors opening. Closing. Someone in pain.

She puts the glass down on the table and moves back towad the front door.

WE HEAR something else now. Shuffling? Crying?

It’s getting louder.


Lilith leans in her ear almost upon the door and WE HEAR the sounds get louder. They are all but at the door.

Lilith reaches for the polished wood by the front door – her version of a baseball bat. Her fingers wrap around the pummel of the wood.

She begins to pick it up.

Thinks again and sighs.

She quickly puts the wood back and swings opens the door.


Standing outside the door is a bloodied, broken Mickey carrying/supporting a 15 year old girl KIMMI – she too badly injured.


No and no.

Come on.

What part of no don’t you understand?

You don’t understand.

I don’t care Mickey.

Yeah you do. Look at her.

Whatever this is, you take it away from here. I don’t want your shit and I don’t need it!

Just need a place to clean up, pick up my stuff and go.

You haven’t got any stuff here. I burnt it all. Why don’t you take your floozy and get the fuck out of here?

Jesus Christ Lilith! Look at her. She’s a kid…a baby…Let us in please.

Lilith slams an arm across the doorway blocking the advancing couple. Mickey responds with just looking into Lilith’s eyes.


Kimmi throws up a mixture of blood and bile over mickey.

One hour.

Thank you.

Lilith directs Mickey and the Girl to the kitchen table displacing the sleeping cat.

Mickey goes to the kitchen and grabs a medical box from under the sink.

He searches for bandages but comes up blank. Lilith circles Kimmi like a cautious cat – keeping her distance.

Almost telepathically without looking she knows what Mickey is after and without taking her eyes of the kid…

Where I keep the rum.

Mickey goes to another cupboard and behind a stack of towels is a half drunk bottle of Sailor Jerry Rum and a stack of bandages.

The TCP is under the sink.

Mickey follows her instructions and returns to the table. Lilith is by now crouched close to the girl inspecting the 15/16 year old. The girl is all bloody and messed up. Lilith steps aside allowing Mickey to tend to the girls wounds. His actions which betraying a well seasoned familiarity. Her actions do the same.

(to Mickey)
What did you do?

Not now Lilith. I need to concentrate.
(to The Girl)
Sweetheart Listen to me. Don’t fall asleep…look at me. look at me…we’re safe.

Kimmi looks up blearily at Mickey as he cleans her face. Her eyes dart towards Lilith and then back to Mickey.

It’s ok. She’s a friend. We’re safe now but I’m going to have to do something about that cut ok?…it’s going to hurt some…

The girl kicks back.

We gotta stop the bleeding ok?

The Girl nods and tries to relax. It’s a valiant attempt but not a victory.

(to Lilith)
You got any painkillers?

Just the rum.

Can you mix up something?

Lilith goes into the kitchen, rummages around and comes back with a bottle of pills and the rum and hands them to Mickey.

My happy pills.

Micky looks at them hard. Then back a Lilith who goes to the kitchen to fetch some water
Mickey hands Kimmi the pills and a glass of water. He takes a swig of the rum and proceeds to clean up the girl.

You need anything else?

No. Thanks.

Lilith goes outside…


… and stands in her garden in the cold moonlight, looking out down the only road to her place. She feels something at her foot and sees a large black slug creeping onto her bare foot. She flicks it away and then disappears back into the house only to reappear with a large packet of salt.

She pours the salt on the slug and watches it wither.

WE HEAR the screams of the girl as Mickey starts the operation.

Lilith looks out again into the night before going around the garden, pouring salt here and there.


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