Burn – Part 8


Frank’s leg is up on the gurney, all busted. THE DOCTOR nervously unwraps Frank’s leg and WE SEE the full gory mess of his shattered shin.

Johnny stands apart from his brother, leaning against a wall.

How’s it look?

The Doctor looks to Frank.

I can fix it up but long term I don’t know. He needs rest and proper medical attention.
Do what you can.
Why don’t you let her have a look.
You think she can do better than the Doc?

No answer from the still shrouded Johnny.

No thank you. Why are you still listening to her? She’s been nothing but bad luck since the get go. We should dump the bitch and get the fuck out of dodge.
And let Mickey get away with what he did? No fucking way brother. This is all his fault and he’s going to pay.
Fine. I got some money stashed, let’s grab it and bail. We can get Mickey later. Put a contract out on him whilst we enjoy the sun in some extradition free Caribbean island.
What about her?
What about her? She’s a stone cold psychotic bitch.
What? You in love now? She got you so far up your own arse that you don’t know what way’s up. The bitch is fucking you up.

FRANK leaves the shadows and sizes up FRANK. The Doctor recoils from what he sees about JOHNNY – something hidden from us but not from FRANK either.

I told you, watch your fucking mouth.

Lucia strolls into the room like a she’s on a realty tour.

Boys. Settle.

The Doctor is petrified beyond belief. Lucia’s hands are covered in blood. She looks for something to wipe them and decides on the curtains. When she is done she realised that everyone’s stopped.

Carry on.

The Doctors hands are shaking uncontrollably. Lucia reaches out a lays one hand on his, leans in close to the Doctor’s ear and whispers…

Doctor. Your patient.

The Doctors hands stop shaking and Lucia walks out of the room.

Chop. Chop.
And don’t fuck it up.

Lucia walks out and we follow her through the large house to the master bedroom along the way we see scenes of forced entry, a struggle, a bloody mess on the wall. The black shoes of a security guard poking out of another room his head blown clean off.


The room is as large as it’s ostentatious.

In the middle of the room the MOTHER and the DAUGHTER are tied to chairs facing each other. Both silenced with a generous helping of gaffer tape. Mother is covered in someone else blood. One side splattered on her cocktail dress. Daughter is relatively unharmed. Both gagged with rags and tape.

Mother protests scared, angry shouting muffled threats one minute and sobbing the next. Daughter says nothing. Her stare fixed upon Mother. Calm. Stoic even. Or…

Lucia walks to the walk-in wardrobe and marvels at row upon row of dresses. Occasionally she picks out one and puts it back. Even more occasionally she puts one against herself and checks how it looks in the giant floor to ceiling mirror at the end of the wardrobe.

It look like she’s settled on a dress or two she likes she dumps the clothes she has on and tries the dresses on.

After some deliberation she settles on a power suit with trousers She then starts looking for shoes.

She stops.

Did she miss something back there?

She walks back into the bedroom and stares at the still bound Mother and DAUGHTER. Dumping her shoes on the bed next to a large kitchen knife – A knife she now picks up.

Mother is now crying.

Daughter has a strong look of defiance. She’s afraid sure but…

There’s disgust on the young girls face…

At whom?


Lucia sees that Daughter’s venom is directed mostly at Mother.

Lucia grabs the chin of Daughter looking deep into her eyes for a long while.

Daughter is defiant. She doesn’t break her gaze with Lucia.

This one is strong.

Lucia releases the girls face and turns to Mother and does the same lifting her chin to meet the gaze of Mother.
But Mother is too afraid. She can’t make eye contact. She tries to turn her head away and out of Lucia’s iron grip.

Without releasing Mother, Lucia raises a large knife to the face of the woman and checks the reaction of Daughter.


Lucia release Mother’s face and the terrified woman snaps her head away.

Lucia walks back to Daughter and inspects the girl.

She spies a little bruise on the upper arm just below the sleeve of the girls nighty.

Lucia lifts the sleeve with the blades point and reveals that the bruise goes all the way up to her shoulder.

Lucia sees another bruise on her leg.

She cuts the bonds that ties the girl to the chair.

For a moment Daughter does nothing. She merely looks up at Lucia who motions with the knife, for the girl to stand.

Daughter obeys.

For a moment Lucia and Daughter consider each other.

Show me.

The girl obliges by dropping her nightie. Her body is a road map of years of abuse scars and bruises some fresh heaped on each other. The violence to the girl has been long and horrific.

Mother protests. Not the protests of shock, but of the guilty, the complicit.

The girl wears her scars with dignity and doesn’t try to cover up.

Perhaps this the first time someone has taken an interest in the girls abuse.

Mother’s muffled shrieks only bind Lucia and Daughter.

Lucia hands Daughter the knife.

And for a moment nothing is said with words. Lucia and Daughter now sisters in blood.

Lucia leaves The bedroom behind. As Daughter advances upon her Mother.

We follow Lucia as she walks down the stairs and straight out side…


…into a waiting car. Big and black, as ugly and it’s powerful.

She climbs in the back seat and waits for a moment checking her nails.

Fuck it!

She climbs out of the car back into the large house…


…and into the kitchen where the Doctor is finishing off Franks leg.

We done?

The Doctor nods. The brothers nod.

Go to the car.

The brothers don’t need telling twice.

Lucia waits for them to leave and then…

She takes a deep breath and picking up a pencil next to the phone, stabs the Doctor in the neck.

A geyser of crimson gushes out and the Doctor falls to the floor.

She stabs him one more time just for the hell of it.

Then stands over the fallen man.

You have been a very naughty boy.

We hear Mother gurgling death cries. The Doctor tries to crawl away from her but he’s loosing too much blood.

I’ll see you later.

She then exits the room and the house and goes back to the car as the brothers follow.



From above we see the massive bed.

On it climbs the still naked Daughter. Now covered in head to toe in blood.

She puts the knife on the beside side table and curls up in bed.

A large smile on her face she falls asleep and for the first time she feels safe.


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