Originally from 30.04.15 – Sketches of an idea

I have you know I am a very attractive man. Parhaps a little on the fugly side now but back in the day. Why are you looking at me like that? The gays love me. Its true. They’ve invited me on a number of occasions to join their club but I had to decline. Too much hugging…and Abba…I hate Abba. Besides with me there can only ever be one cock in the room

-and that’ll be you


-So you never tried? You know…

You mean?


What about you?

-Sure. I’ve though about it.

So have I

-I knew it!

No I meant you and another girl. I’ve thought about that.


Thought you should know … whilst we’re sharing. Did I cross a line? Sorry.


Lets just say I wasn’t always such a snappy dresser. Shall we continue?

Categories: Private Journal Entry

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