Burn – Part 10




The fire brigade has all but put out the fire of the now smouldering club. Police have cordoned off the street.

TENNENT steps out of the car driven by two heavies and is greeted by PC Seargent JONES.

DCI Tennent.

Tennent flashes his ID again

Sorry to get you up so early.
You got coffee about?

Jones clicks her fingers and tasks getting a coffee to one of her aides.

So you’re the expert on these guys?
For my sins.

They walk towards the building Tennent taking in everything

It’s a bloody mess sir. 16 bodies so far. One on the door step here fatal head wound. More inside. Forensic’s just setting up.

Tennent looks at her. What?

Busy night. We got a witness that says a big black car pulled up slammed into that one…

Jones points to the Bentley , still pushed hard against the car in front. Side door open. Split back seat broken open.

Tennent walks back down the steps and takes a closer look.

What was in the boot?

Jones motions to another cop who pops the trunk.

Show him.

The aide lifts the boot an inside is a puddle off blood and chewed through silver grey gaffer tape. The carpet is lifted in one corner. Tennent carefully lifts one corner and more bloody handprints are revealed in the wheel well.


Waiting for you sir.

Tennant scowls at Jones. Jones immediately gets it and orders the subordinate to organise a dusting.

Tennent turns and sees the pool of blood just where Mickey slammed Franks shin and a trail of blood back into the club. The inspector puts his hand next to the bloody print of Mickeys and imagines Mickey holding Frank down.

He takes a deep breathe and looks around the outside of the building. The only CCTV the one in on the building pointing at the street.

As Jones hands Tennent a face mask she sees Tennent looking at the CCTV.

It belongs to the club sir. The Fire crew are just mopping up the office.

Tennent walks to the door and peers in. It’s dark menacing hole. A gapping maw. He puts on the face mask and pauses before entering.

Jones Follows.

I’m afraid a lot of it’s been trampled. A fire crew and a couple of uniforms. None of the bodies have been touched as far as I am ware, but with the fire water and all the boots…it’s hard to tell…


A few Work lamps illuminate the steaming mess. Tennent stops at the dance floor.

You got a torch?

JONES hands his hers. He flashes it around illuminated charred remains of fallen criminals.

Tennent doesn’t say much he sees where Mickey burned the two goons at either end of the bar. Then decides to follow the trail of bodies down the stairs to the basement.


Tennent is stopped at the door by a ghost white burley Fireman, trying to get out quick.

The poor man with nowhere to go pukes back into the door revealing a large wooden crate cracked open. Bodies parts and shit and straw strewn onto the floor. Giant paw marks lead to a mutilated corpse half eaten by the creature.

All around the crate are puddles of Mickey’s fallen associates. Bodies gone.

Jesus Christ!

Tennent gives a glance then continues his crawl around the basement.
Out of the blood of the mauled body. He follows the paw prints the creature, most likely a wolf or large dog attacked someone…


Pinned the man down.

Tennent looks about some more and reacts to what he thinks happened in reverse.

He lies down next to this new pool of blood.

He imagines the wolf pinning him down snarling at him. Snapping at his face something holding it back. Toying with him?

He looks over and feels a gun shot wound to his left seeping onto the floor.

He looks to his puddle of blood.

He imagines himself moving in reverse shooting at the beast leaping away from him.

He imagines shooting his comrades in reverse until he is staring into the face of Petrov himself watching the beast regurgitate the mauled body back into a petrified Tommo who rises and starts shooting insanely at the beast now emerging in forward slow motion from the crate.

He snaps out of it and is now standing where Mickey’s first shot was fired.

Who’s missing?

He looks across the carnage at the service elevator. A bloody hand print against the button. A small hand like that of a child. A child who tried to escape then was dragged away to who knows what horror.

And who are you?


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