Burn – Part 15

Mickey chases after Kimmi through the knee high crop field.

Wait up.

The girl in front of him turns to face Mickey but the girl who turns around isn’t Kimmi.

Fuck off.

It isn’t Kimmi but Kelly they are similar in age and appearance. Mickey Stops in his tracks for a moment then shakes it off.

Come on. Slow down you’re going to give me fucking heart attack.
Fuck me! Can I just talk to you for five minutes?
Now? I haven’t seen you for five years and now you wanna talk?
It’s important.
Not to me.
Was Danny doing something he shouldn’t have been?

Mickey looks at Kelly long and hard. Trying to remember why he is here.

Was Danny into something he shouldn’t have been.
You wanna tell me what you’re talking about.
Not here. On the street.
You afraid what people might think?
You know that’s not true.
Do I? Then tell me what the fuck you’re on about?
Not here.
Yes right here, right now.

Mickey looks her like she’s asking the impossible, but she’s not backing down.

I visited Dave last night.
Yeah I know.
He told you?
I saw that he was beaten.
We just talked.
I’ve seen how you talk.
Its not like that.
It’s always like that. Hit first ask question later. I saw him. Can’t look me in the eye. Won’t tell me who did it, but I didn’t need him too. You haven’t changed you’re still the violent arsehole you always were.
Not anymore. Just talk to me.
You don’t want to talk with me. You just want to find someone to blame for Danny’s death. It’s too late . You’re five years too late. You know what? you want someone to blame? look in the mirror.

Kelly walks off an artic truck thunders smashing the girl to pieces.

He’s back in a busy road wandering like a drunk in oncoming traffic.

A car knocks him sideways, spinning him around.  He looks back and Kelly is standing on the other side, Blood leaking from her mouth as another car knocks right into Mickey.

Mickey tries to call for her but all that comes out his mouth are worms and bugs.


Back in the field, back in reality, Kimmi runs away towards the hills.

Mickey is trying to shake the vision but he is lost in the illusion.

Kimmi stops. Two giant yellow eyes stare down at her from the edge of the field. A hundred giggling invisible things bear witness, but stay back.

The Wolf steps into the field back hunched, growling matching Kimmi’s pace as she steps left then right.

Mickey catches up to her. Somehow he’s broken free of the vision.

They both slowly start edging back towards the cottage.

The wolf howls and the hunt is on. I

n the long crop running along side, half seen foot high things giggle and jeer like naughty children chasing a train.

Lilith calls out and both Mickey and Kimmi run.

Mickey suddenly finds himself back in the middle of a busy road. He Loses Kimmi’s hand and sees her running ahead.

A shot rings out. The bullet whizzes past him. Where was that from?

Mickey continues to run. Another shot rings outs this time from the cottage. He’s almost caught up to Kimmi and is about 100 metres from the cottage stone wall.

The wolf is closing cautiously avoiding the infrequent shots coming from the rifle Lilith fires.

 Is the wolf enjoying this? Playing with Mickey.

No.The wolf is attempting to put Mickey between it and the bullets.

Another shot from the cottage narrowly missing Mickey and the Wolf. The wolf is slowed down by it’s attempts to put Mickey between it and the bullets.

MICKEY (To Lilith)
Watch it!

Almost at the wall. Just a couple of hundred metres.

Mickey sees that Kimmi  almost over the wall. He closes the gap and the invisible things grab his leg and start dragging him back into the darkness.

Lilith throws Mickey the torch whilst shooting at the approaching wolf.

Mickey is perplexed. He fumbles the torch as one of the invisibles tries to knock it out of his hand.

Again one of the invisibles tries to confiscate the torch and we get a moments glance at a distorted childs face.

In shock, Mickey lets the torch spins out of his hand nearly losing it entirely, but he grabs it and shines the light deep into the grass and we see a couple of foot high goblins shun the light.

Mickey shines the light all around him and the goblins disappear into the long grass just as the Wolf pounces.

Lilith fires three shots into the beast stopping it dead and sending it down to the ground.

Mickey edges back from the beast that’s fallen 10 feet from his.

He slowly gets up and peers into the long grass.

A large dark shape, the bloody shape of the wolf is all that remains.

The beast is gone.

Mickey realises this is point of the movie where the hero would get mauled so he wisely beats a hasty retreat to the wall and climbs over.

Clearly you weren’t telling me to whole truth.
Clearly I don’t know the whole fucking truth!
Get inside!


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