Burn – Part 17


Lilith throws Mickey a shotgun.

Nothing magical can get in unless invited…or…Breaks a seal or…
Or what?
It’s complicated.
I am totally regretting not playing Dungeons & Dragons.

Through the window Lilith sees Frank approaching he sees the girl and shoots the window next to her.

Kimmi ducks the shattering glass.

Mickey returns fire.

Frank shoots then reloads.

As he does so the Second Goon shoots at the cottage.

Lilith starts chanting as she pushes the table over and pulls out an arsenal of weapons.

Thought you didn’t like guns.

There are a variety of old fashioned weapons including muskets.

I may have lied about my age

Mickey just looks at her.

… a little.

A volley of shots shatter the window as Frank shoots his way closer to the cottage. Mickey returns fire and misses his target.

The second goon shoots at Mickey distracting him.


Frank disappears into the shed and comes out with a can of petrol.

He calmly walks towards the back of the cottage to the willow tree and starts to pour petrol all over the tree.

The second goon gets in closer to the cottage giving Mickey a chance to put a few rounds into him, finishing the creature.

But it’s too late.

Frank lights the petrol and the trees starts to burn.

Lilith runs out of the cottage to the big tree now burning furiously.


Mickey tries to stop her but she pushing past allowing Frank a chance to shoot Lilith in the arm stopping her dead in her tracks.

Frank hesitates and turns to Mickey who takes the shot.

Frank goes down.

Mickey goes over to Lilith. Is she breathing?


No response.

Damn you. Stupid bitch.
Who you calling stupid?
Fuck off not funny.

Lilith grins for the first time in a while. Just a graze.

Tough lady.

Then she remembers…

The Tree. Must save the tree.
Too late it’s fucked.

The tree burns hot and bright.

No. No No.

Mickey and Lilith get up just as Frankie jumps into frame and the two finally have a close quarters fight.

Two former friends fight in silence, save for the grunts and slamming of flesh against flesh. Their battle silhoutetted against the burning tree.

In the background Lilith and Kimi try to get the flames under control. They try to use the garden hose but it’s no use.

Finally Mickey gets the upper hand grabs Franks fallen gun and shoots Frank until the chamber is empty

Frank gurgles as Mickey props him up.

Easy fella.

Mickey sits beside his old friend as the mortally wounded younger man struggles for breath.

Funny how things turn out.
Shh you twat.

Frank pulls the Mickey’s Zippo out of his pocket and gives it back to Mickey.

You’re right about Johnny though. He is a cunt…but he’s my brother.

Frank shuts down and he’s gone.

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