Burn – Part 18

brun poster 18


As Frank dies, Mickey watches Lilith and Kimmi give up try to put the fire out he struggles to get up but falls back next to his old friend.

He starts to fade away and watches slowly blurring figures of the girls give up on the fire and come towards Mickey.

Lilith shouts at Mickey but it’s all a hazy muffled mess.

He reaches out to touch Liliths face and she slaps him hard.

Wake up!

The slap wakes Mickey.

Why’d you do that for?
Get up you big ox.

She struggles with him.

I missed you girl.
Yeah yeah yeah. Now get up.

Mickey helps and the two girls get either arm and lift.

I’m fucked.
You will be if you don’t help.

Together they all manage to get Mickey to his feet.

Johnny appears from nowhere and grabs Kimi by the throat and lifts her up and away from under Mickey’s arm sending him careening to the ground.

Lilith collapses under Mickey and tries pushing Mickey off her.

Johnny drags Kimi by the throat back into the darkness as she fights his grip kicking and screaming.

Oi? Didn’t I kill you?

Mickey is now standing… Just.

Johnny stops and turns and drops Kimi

Johnny steps into the light and he’s a horrible disfigured mess.

It seems I’ve been given a second chance.

Kimi crawls away and Johnny turns back to the girl.

I gotta say you look prettier. You might even be able to get a date without paying for it.

Johnny turns and looks around – where’s the other one? Where’s Lilith?

Come on then Harvey.

Johnny doesn’t get the reverence.

Man you are so fucking so stupid.

Mickey rushes Johnny smashing a lump of wood across his head. Merely annoying the undead gangster.

You broke the circle. Mick. We could have had it all.

Johnny advances and smacks Mickey to his knees.

Don’t. I’m getting emotional.
You don’t know what’s coming. You can’t stop it. She showed me that.
Did more than show you I bet.

Mickey is knocked down again.

You don’t get it. It’s all a lie Mickey.  I’ve seen the truth.

Mickey struggles to get back up but is smacked down again.

All of this…Everything… You can’t even begin to understand what’s going on.
Really… I don’t give a shit.

Johnny picks Mickey up and starts to strangle him.

You will.

Johnny squeezes hard, attempting to crush the life out of Mickey…

You can’t stop what’s coming.

And almost out of breath Mickey barely manages to get out…

Blah, blah, blah.

Kimmi stabs a large shard of glass into Johnny’s back and this hurts. Johnny spins around and Kimmi stabs him again. Her hands bleeding and stabbed deep the shard sticks in his flesh and he strikes the girl down.

Johnny looks down trying to remove the shard but he see’s his face as it is – burnt and deformed.


The spell broken Johnny’s begins to see the truth.

I’m new to this…

Mickey slugs the confused Frankie

…but I’m guessing that now you eyes are open…







Mickey smacks him one last time and the undead gangster stumbles back.

…rotting flesh.

Johnny realise only at the end and he looks at Mickey for sympathy.

He doesn’t get it and out of the darkness Lilith comes out of nowhere and chops his head off with the scythe. The head flies slices neatly off and Johnny’s head topples to the floor with the same dumb expression.


Mickey collapses in a heap. Kimmi tries to drag Mickey back to the Cottage but is struggling.

The willow is done for. All it’s leave replaced by flames it’s sways as if in pain.

With tears in her eyes looks again to the tree. She drops the scythe and walks to the edge of the property and looks up toward the hill.

Lucia, You fucking bitch! Come and get some!

Lilith turns and helps Kimmi with Mickey back into the cottage.

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