They Still Live!



Do you suffer from migraines or headaches?

Do you find you are sometimes susceptible to bright light?

When you get these headaches is your vision affected? Flashing lights… photo-sensitivity?

When do mostly get these headaches?

I saw someone run over yesterday. Someone I hadn’t seen in years. Used to be a highflier. Now a tramp. Said something to me then ran away. Said they were after him. He got run over by a bus.

Stop eating flesh. See the truth. Jesus said that to see you must open your eyes. Rid yourself of their lies. Throw out your TV. Burn your magazines. Switch off your radios and podcasts. Open your mind. See the world as it truly is.

The headaches are getting worse. I feel like I want to get a knife and cut out my temples.

They own you. They are your masters. They don’t care about you. You are flesh for the machine. They have come to exploit our resources. We are their emerging new markets. We are their third world. We are all grist.

Alone in a suit. Stabbing pain. Drinking gallons of water. Lying in a bath of ice.

Late again? Some people might think you don’t like work.

I just want to get out. The harder I work the less I get. Doesn’t matter what I do I’m just treading water. Where would you go?

See the truth. Fear their Frankenstein worse than degenerate eyesight TV.

And are your currently taking any medication?

Here take these they’ll help. I love you.

I feel like I have no control

Over my life.

Get a job.

Get married.

Reproduce. Obey. Worship the dollar. This is your god!

Have you been having any hallucinations.

“Whatcha looking at?” Pizza face.

It’s the meds. You gotta stop taking the meds and face the pain. I only then will you see.

What did he say to you?

Put on the goddamn glasses.

They still live!

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