Whatever Happened to White Poo?

Whatever happened to white poo?
I used to see it everywhere.
In the playground. In the park.
On the way to school and on The way home.
Whatever happened to white poo?

Why do dog owners have to pick up there dogs poo?
Why don’t cat owners do the same?
Cat poo smells worse.
And contains worms that fuck with your brain.
But we don’t have to pick up cat poo.
Is that racist to dogs?

Where are all the dogs who dropped white poo,
Were they ok?
Seems to me they must have been a little sick,
Cause white poo can’t be healthy.
I mean, You don’t see white poo anymore.
Did the dogs all die?
Or did we learn to love our dogs more?
And it was always dog poo.
Not cats.
Cats never had white poo.
Nor birds.
Or dinosaurs.

Categories: Comedy, Poem

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