NV204 – 04

Read From the Beginning

TRANSDICTION OF CON83175 INDEX 14.35.40 Operative: NV204

BACKGROUND NOISE: General cafe noise. Busy road. Occasional planes over-head. TV on the background, news report. Transcript of that at CON83175b

Australian Male 1: Suck my cock.
Australian Male 2: You first.
Australian Male 1: Only if you tell me you love me.
Australian Male 2: I thought our relationship was built on love and trust.
Australian Male 1: It is.
Australian Male 2: Then me telling you that I love you would violate that bond of friendship.
Australian Male 1: So you’re saying it’s just sex.
Australian Male 2: Yes.
Australian Male 1:I’m hurt.
Australian Male 2: You will be bitch.

BACKGROUND NOISE: The two males giggle and someone approaches.

Female voice: I’m sorry I’ll come back.
Australian Male 2: No worries. We’re ready to order. what’s your name?
Female: Miranda.
Australian Male 2: We’d like two beers please Miranda.
Australian Male 1: And your number. Better than that take a break Miranda. Come sit with us.
Female(Miranda): Two beers. What kind?
Australian Male 1: Cold ones please.
Australian Male 2: Miranda I sincerely apologise for my friends rude behavior. We would like two VB’s.
Female: We don’t stock Australian beers.
Australian Male 2: Whatever you recommend.
Female(Miranda): Two beers. Anything else?
Australian Male 2: Not for now thank you.

BACKGROUND NOISE: Female leaves.

Australian Male 1: You’re so gay.
Australian Male 2: You are just jealous that I am better looking than you and more successful with the ladies.

Pause! OK. OK! So we’ve established that the principle target is female and no matter what universe we’re in Australians are closet Homosexuals. Is there much more of this?

  • Ah yes the important bit is coming up. I’ll fast forward a little. Here it is.

CON83175 INDEX 14.47.10

Female(Miranda): So what are you reading?
NV204: I’m not sure. Haven’t got very far with it.
Female(Miranda): Science-Fiction?
NV204: Yeah. Used to read a lot of it when I was a kid.
Miranda: Heinlein. Job. I’ve read it. It’s OK.
NV204: Thanks. That’s encouraging.
Miranda: No I’m sorry. I mean that’s just what I think. I mean you might like it.
NV204: Cheers.
Miranda: Oh god. I’m really sorry.
NV204: It’s OK really.
Miranda: You like Heinlein? Really?
NV204: Don’t know never heard of him til this morning, just grabbed a book just before I got on the train.
Miranda: How much have you read? that much uh.
NV204: I get motion sick. I can’t read on transport.
Miranda: OK. Hang on a mo.

BACKGROUND NOISE: Female(Miranda) Leaves and Shortly returns.

Miranda: Try this. Stranger in a Stranger land.
NV204: It’s ah… big.
Miranda: Yeah but worth it. It’s by the guy who wrote Dune.
NV204: Never heard of it.
Miranda: You never heard of Dune?
NV204: No I’m kind of a stranger here myself.
Miranda: What kind of Science-Fiction did you read as a child?
NV204: Stuff about cowboys. Can I get a coffee?
Miranda: Oh god. Yeah. Sorry.

BACKGROUND NOISE: Female(Miranda) Leaves and almost immediately returns.

NV204: Late. Large. With a biscuit. Thanks

Hold the tape. Pause it.

-Yes sir.

Are we sure this is the target? I mean we’ve got data on this woman right?

-Yes sir. All indicators point to this woman as our gateway.

I don’t get it. Why would the squids pick her? Makes no sense. What’s the projected costs on this one?

-32 thousand. Projected.

For this?

-Yes sir.

For this you wake me up?

-Yes sir.

Play the tape.

-Yes sir.


NV204: Thanks.
Miranda: Well. I hope you enjoy it.
NV204: It’s um. Hot.
Miranda: Oh no. I meant the book. You can return it to me when you’re finished with it.
NV204: Where?
Miranda: what do you mean?
NV204: Where can I return it to? here?
Miranda: No. I’m quitting my job today. Haven’t told the boss yet. But he’s a bastard so I’ll wait til the end of the day.
NV204: Listen. thanks for the book but I’ll grab a copy when I get back…
Miranda: No you must have this copy. It’s yours. I mean – Someone gave it to me and someone gave it to them and someone gave it to them and it’s like a circle. I give it to you and you give it to someone else. If you like it.
NV204: What if I don’t like it and throw it into the bin.
Miranda: You wont do that.
NV204: How do you know that?
Miranda: You’re not the type.
NV204: How do you know that?
Miranda: You smell…right.

Stop the tape.

-Yes sir. Sir?

How much more of this drivel is there.

-A lot.

Is there anything important for me to listen to this morning?


Yes Mr Perry. Important. Imagine for a moment I am your boss.

-but Sir you are…

You’re from accounts originally? am I right? You’re new?

  • Yes sir but…

Don’t interrupt me. That’s your only warning.

-Sorry Sir.

Now imagine you were to call me at four in the morning and have woken me up do so Imagine I have beautiful wife who gets more than a little cranky if she doesn’t get her full eight hours. Now imagine and try awfully hard would you think I would be happy listening to this inane babble?

You can speak now.

-I was instructed to inform you of NV204 progess should he make contact.

Who told you that? Of wait. It was me. Ah. Ok then. Next time leave a message. I don’t need to listen to the details, Mr Perry.

Mr Perry, you know what I really want.?

-No Sir, I wouldn’t like to guess.

I want video on this one OK? I want to see and hear. I don’t want this synthetic reconstruction.

-But sir. That’s impossible.

I know. I know. But that’s what I want. You would think with all the things our science has achieved a trans-dimensional video hack would be easy. But no. I’m stuck with this vapid reconstruction. I knew I should stayed in marketing. Still I’ve got a beautiful wife that demands a certain level of maintenance.

OK. OK. I am going back to bed. I don’t want to be woken again unless something more than flirting happens.

-What about the transdictions Sir?

Continue as normal but skip the boring bits. Ok?

-How will I know what you deem to be boring.

Use your imagination.

Sorry you’re from accounts.

A summary in the morning. Send NV204 a message.

-What would you like me to say Sir.

Tell him a that the clock is ticking. You of all people should be aware that time is money Mr Perry. Time is money.



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