Down a Dark Path – Preface


Hello There,

Usually what I  do when I write a script of story is that I’ll work on it and work on it and only when I’m ready (or as close to it as damn it) will I then start uploaded it either in full or episodically.

This one’s a little different. 

I’m going to upload this whilst I am in the process of writing the first draft. What this’ll mean is that as I finish every few scenes I will stick them up here. It’s going to be an exciting experiment for me and will give me a deadline to motivate me. 

What it’ll also mean is that from time to time I may have to go back and adjust previous posts and I will try to let you know when I do anything major. 

My primary focus though is on getting this out and done. 

This tale is primarily intended to be something that we can shoot on a low budget and I am hoping that this will be the foundation for my first feature film. 

It revolves a young man called Tommy somewhat of a victim of the Gig economy. One night his life takes a turn for the worse when he takes a short cut through a dark alley and exits a changed man. 

Don’t want to say anymore than that.

My aim is to release once a week. Some weeks I may have more than others I want to finish this before the end of the year. 

Anyway thanks for tuning in and please, if you dig what I am doing here please leave a comment or visit me on Facebook or Twitter and tell your friends. Any help in getting the word out is much appreciated. 

thanks again.



UPDATE: 17/08/17 I have made a few alterations to make things clearer here after some great feedback. Not going to go back and rewrite massive chunks at this stage as the goal is to get it out, up on the page and posted. Then I will start the rewrites. However what I had written was unclear and in some places overly exploitative which was not my intention. I have also named both of the characters in this as again it was too vague.


UPDATE: 02/09/17

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Happy Competition!




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doiwn a dark path2

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