Down a Dark Path 10


©Zig Bingham

A Work in Progress.  First Draft Released as Written Every Wednesday.

Part Ten

(Read from the Beginning)




May looks at Gillan and she sees a man struggling to hold it together.
Whatever he took… He’s fighting it.

We should get you to a medic or something.

We find Tommy and Maybe.

Gillan’s looking around contemplating sneaking back into the party or heading on down the canal.

You think he’s back in there?
I checked everywhere, but I couldn’t find him. But then again…

He doesn’t have to look at her or complete the sentence.

He’s fucked.

The warehouse party seems to be winding down. The stream of punters leaving increases. The bouncers not letting anyone back in least of all Gillan.

But he tries anyway.

May looks around at Gillan as he heads back to the gate. She knows they’ll never let him back in but she lets him do his thing so she can do hers.

Looking to the stream of revellers leaving the party she sees a chance and grabs a random punter out of the crowd.

Excuse me. Have you seen a guy about five-ten wearing a gold jacket with a tiger on the back?


The Punter is way too out of it.

We’re looking for my boyfriend we lost him and we think he’s been spiked.


And he walks off.

Gillan is struggling with the bouncers.

May keeps on asking people in the crowd about Tommy. Asking if anyone has seen him.

Reveller after reveller shakes their head or simply says no.

But she’s not one to give up.

Over at the gate, we hear the occasional heated exchange between Gillan and the bouncers and that’s enough to know that Gillan’s persistence is pissing the bouncers off.

May Stops.

Did she see something?

In the crowd. Beyond the crowd something familiar.

The Suit.

On the far side of the fence heading for the exit.

The Suit hasn’t seen her yet.

Or Gillan.

She pulls the mask back down and looks to the crowd, ready to blend right in.
The Suit has seen Gillan who is now shouting at the two bouncers.

(Whispering to herself)
We gotta go.

Gillan snaps around like he heard her.

She stares at him in her mask then back to The Suit trying to jump the queue of the party weary revellers.

Time to leave.

(under her breath)

Gillan looks around impossibly reacting to her voice.

But he doesn’t leave. Just keeps looking around.

May resigns herself to leaving and heads of into the crowd.

Gillan sees The Suit now and gingerly backs away from the bouncers who themselves are so pissed off that they come out from behind their fence and approach Gillan.

He responds by pointing at the Suit and shouting.

That’s the Cunt!

The Bouncers turn around and one of them grabs The Suit who is now getting grief from the exiteers.

Gillan uses the confusion to dart off heading down the road to where he last saw May go.



May is weaving in and out of the crowd using them for cover.
Gillan can see her white rabbit ears pointing up from the crowd.
He speeds up and but she’s fast…


May’s rabbit ears seem to twitch but she keeps on walking. She doesn’t turn around.
The Suit looks up from his heated discussion with the Bouncers.

Gillan sees this and realises his gaff, shuts his mouth and presses on.

But it’s too late. The Suit is on to them.

May slows little when she can feel that Gillan is close. She steals herself one glance back and she sees Gillan approaching and behind him off in the distance, The Suit with one of bouncers in a wrist lock and head butting the other.

The man is a tough son of a bitch.

And he Looks up and right at May in her Rabbit mask.

He’s clocked her.

Gillan, move it!

Gillan’s there now with her and the two head off deeper down the road.



May leads Gillan through the crowd and on down the canal.

You want to tell me what’s going on? Who is he?

May doesn’t say anything.

Gillan knows her well enough not to push it.

She pushes the rabbit mask back off her face and takes a proper look around her surroundings.

They are now at a crossroads. Which way to go?

There is more of a distance now between The Suit and our duo, but she ain’t hanging around.

She breaks off from the crowd and heads down a side street dragging Gillan into a dark archway where they both hide.

The Suit is now emerging from the crowd scanning the area.
Gillan looks out too far and May pulls him back in.

He tries to look out again but she locks him in the shadows refusing to let him peak out.

The Suit hangs around deciding which way to go. Then walks a little way down the road ahead squinting.

Gillan is still held in firm, held close.

He smells her neck. Then feels weird about it.

She clocks this and pushes him back just a little.

From his new vantage point he can see the Suit has returned unhappy with his previous decision.

Give me your mask.

May looks at him – What?

Give me your mask.

She does so.

Gillan puts it on.

(Whispering too)
That’s not going to work.
It’ll work.

He grins that charming smile and removes his jacket.

Your jacket?

They swap jackets.

This isn’t going to work.
It’ll buy you time.

May looks at him.

Tommy’s looking for you. Right? Well I know where he’ll be.

The Suit tries another exit and disappears for a moment.

No I can’t let you do this.
Go find Tommy. Let me deal with this fuck.

May hesitates.

Where is he?

He loves you May. Where do you think?

May clicks and Gillan starts to head out of the shadows.

He smiles that cheeky grin and heads towards the crossroads.

Then he stops.

We watch from the shadows as May watches.

Gillan is transfixed at something in the shadows.

May can kind of see it too.

Can she?

Can we?

Gillan backs up trying to shake the vision and it’s gone. In it’s place The Suit.
The Suit lunges for Gillan and initially misses.

Gillan scrambles down the road the Big man chasing him.

And The Suit is fast.

But Gillan is faster and the gap between them widens.
The Suit seems to give up the chase shouting after Gillan…

You wont get very far without your shoes.

Gillan looks down and sees he’s running without shoes.

His feet muddy and dirty and now bloody.

A bullshit illusion?

And Gillan pushes through and shakes the image away.

Gillan rushes past a Yuppie couple and nearly knocks them over.

Ahead standing down the road The Bullshead creature penis in hand. Behind, the Suit. To his left the Alley.

Gillan takes the alley.

And he’s almost all the way down to the end when he stops and sees a couple having sex in the red phone box.

The man is fucking her from behind her head pushed into the far wall.

Her screams initially sound like ecstasy start to sound off.

Not ecstasy. Pain?

Gillan presses on towards the couple.

Behind him the Suit appears at the mouth of the alley like a creature at the mouth of a cave, looking in, looking to feed.

Gillan reaches out for the couple and the Man turns around and it’s Gillan laughing maniacally.

The Girls not a girl it’s Tommy.

Gillan turns back and straight into The Suits grasp.

The Suit pushes Gillan out of the Alley and into the phone box.

The rapist illusion gone now.

The Suit lifts Gillan up with immense strength and pins him tight against the innards of the box.

He rips the mask off Gillan’s head.


The Suit doesn’t let go of Gillan more pissed than anything now.

Did you find a girl?

The Suit pulls Gillan away from the box for a moment before slamming Gillan back into it.

Where is she?

What the fuck man?

The pain for Gillan is immense.

The Suits grip is made of iron and he’s starting to strangle Gillan

Where’s the girl?

Gillan spits in his face.

Go fuck yourself.

The suit punches Gillan in the gut.

The wind is all knocked out of Gillan rapidly followed by a stream of spaghetti like vomit. All over the suit.

The Suit responds by kicking seven shades of shit out of Gillan.

A bunch of onlookers stop and start making their way over to the assault.

Hey! That’s enough.

The Suit turns to the onlooker cocking his head incredulously.

What the fuck is going on? Holly call the fuzz.


The onlookers girl, Holly takes out a phone and starts dialing.

The suit pulls out an ID

I am the cops. Now fuck off.

No. No no mate. That’s not how it works. That’s fucking police brutality right there. You arrest him or you leave him the fuck alone.

The Suit says nothing. Gillan a bloody mess on the floor.

The onlooker gets closer.

Close enough to be right in The Suits face.

The Suit doesn’t flinch.

I think you should go now.

Long pause.


The Suit pulls out a knife and plunges it deep into the onlooker then calmly walks over to a stunned Holly slashes her throat and catches the phone now falling from the onlookers girls hands as she tries to stem the flow of blood from her neck.

He listens into the phone for a moment then…

Makes a gesture like there’s no-ones at the end of the phone.
He snaps it in half and throws it away.

He turns to Gillan who’s desperately trying to skuttle away.

Where you going?

The Suit pulls Gillan back into the light so he can see better.

He squats down in front of Gillan.

Then looks of to a dark corner of the street and smiles before turning his attention back to Gillan.

The Suit holds out the knife.

Is she close? What that her? With you before?

Gillan tries not to give anything away. The Suit pushes the knife into Gillan’s belly a little.

I can do anything. Anything I want. I can kill you and no one would care. I could butcher your family and rape your baby sister and nothing will happen. No-one will give a shit. You know why?

The Suit pushes the knife in a little more.

Because you are nothing.

Gillan WTF?

She however is somebody. And they want her back. Where is she?

The Suit looks around expecting someone to come out of the shadows and rescue Gillan.

But no-one comes.

The Suit pulls the knife out and blood pours out of Gillan’s stomach and onto the floor beneath him.

The Suit stares at Gillan

You won’t last long without medical attention. You’re dying kid. Now I can stop the bleeding… stop the pain… but I need to know where the girl is.

I don’t know.

Are you lying to me?

Jesus man. I don’t know where she lives.
The Suit looks Gillan over properly.

But you’re her boyfriend.

Gillan half laughs

Shows what you know asshole.

The Suit looks around him like he feels someone watching.

I can feel you little girl. I know you’re watching.

The Suit circles the end of the alley.

Come out come out where ever you are.

The Suit stares into a dark corner.

Does he see something there?

Do we?

But No-one and nothing comes out of that corner but around from the other spaces of darkness they come.

The Watchers.

The Stag head and Bullshead and a dozen other masked Watchers all semi-dressed and in various stages of arousal.

This pleases the Suit.

(to Gillan)
You want to party?

Gillan – WTF?

The suit pulls Gillan up and back into the phone box face first.
Still holding the knife.

He slips his fingers into Gillans wound and smears it over Gillan’s face as priest would do ay communion.

You know. I recon I know how to make her jealous.

Gillan fights to get out of take phone box but The Suit slaps him around and back to the wall.

I’m going to fuck you in the arse. I’m not gay you understand. But I like anal.

The Suit cuts Gillan’s trousers away exposing his white arse. Gillan fights back but

The Suits punches him hard in the face. Blood streams down his face which excites the Suit even more.

Turn around.

Gillan stands his ground a little. The Suit holds up the knife in one hand and slips his other hand into his own pants.

Turn around.

Gillan does so and starts to cry. The suit slams Gillan’s face into the far wall and holds it there.

Deep in the shadows on the other side of the wall like the wall is made of glass a one way mirror we hide and watch.

A long uncomfortable look at Gillan being raped by the Suit.

We experience the whole disgusting ordeal.

We don’t cut away.

We pray for a cut away for something.

But we endure.

At one point The Suit Looks in to the camera at us and smiles. Daring us to look away. To walk out of the theatre or switch off the TV. To do anything.

But we watch.

The Suit finishes off and lets go of Gillan now a dribbling mess. Understandable so.

And we continue to hold.

The Suit pulls Gillan from the phone box and lets the kid fall on the ground.

Is this what you want? Is this what you came for?

The street is empty. No answer. The Watchers now gone. The yuppie couple dead in their respective pools of blood, Gillan a broken mess by the phone box The Suit straightening his clothes.

The Suit notices that the phone box handle is off the hook and he takes it listens in to it for a moment then returns it to it’s cradle.

One last look around the suit takes his knife and places it in Gillan’s hand rubs the kids hair then strolls off.


In the dark corner we dolly in.

Slowly like we are stalking the shadows.

As we get in closer we see a shape.

Eyes. Wet from tears.

May cries in silence unable to move.

To afraid to come out of her hiding spot.

Alone in the darkness.




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