Down a Dark Path 12


©Zig Bingham

A Work in Progress.  First Draft Released as Written Every Wednesday.

Part Twelve

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Tommy walks alone talking to himself. May can’t hear. We can’t hear. The winds carry the occasional word but it is indistinct. Unclear.

She tries to close the gap without him seeing her but she doesn’t chance her luck by getting too cocky and getting too close.

At one point. She does thought get cocky and Tommy turns as if aware of his shadow, but it’s a fleeting thought and he returns to his constant gabble.

May tries to hug every wall, every hedge, tree, anything that will keep her presence hidden. She does it well.

Tommy turns a corner and we are back on the road to the party not far from the canal.

He turns onto the canal walks a away and then sits on a bench overlooking the Canal.



How long Tommy is there for is hard to tell. He sits motionless staring into the water as if in a trance, his whole as still as the bench he sits on.

We settle in and spend time with May watching her watching him. Watching her getting bored then entertaining herself and then getting herself back into the game.

Still nothing happens.

Fuck it!

She edges forward and around various bits and pieces of cover until she is so close there is but 20 metres between her and Tommy.

The last 20 metres stops her and for a moment she is about to move out and touch Tommy when the Suit Calmly walks past Tommy and on down the canal.

The Suit doesn’t acknowledge Tommy and walks straight past him and something inside Tommy snaps awake. He looks up and when the Suit has passed a dozen steps Tommy follows the big man.
But Tommy moves unnaturally with a strange unnatural rhythm, in sync with the Suit. The distance between the two doesn’t get any bigger or smaller. Just an exact distance, like two machine parts on an invisible conveyor belt.

May follows.

As she does so another couple of people join this zombie-like procession in exactly the same way as Tommy with the Suit. Same pace. Same Distance. Same cold look. Same mechanical walk.

Soon the line is joined by more and more people until there is a small parade time perfectly with rush hour. “Regular” people dash home weaving around the strange prosession and if you weren’t looking for it you probably wouldn’t notice, which is exactly what is happening.

But May sees. And she sees where they are all heading. The Warehouse.

She stays hidden watching keeping her distance making sure she stays out of sight making sure that she keeps Tommy within hers.

At the gate of the warehouse. The Security guards check people in asking for tickets to which each and everyone presents theirs. They are all old and very worn. Some are but a corner, but it’s enough and they are let in.
May waits.

Tommy and the Suit stand in line. One behind the other. Silently waiting to enter.

She looks at the line of people forming outside the warehouse.

The Suit hands over a bloody ticket and goes through. Tommy is close behind.

She decides to bypass the gate and ducks down the edge of the worksite always making sure she’s can see Tommy.



She hangs back in the bushes, looking for something in the crowd. Someone. She sees something. Tubbs and Honor shuffle along and out into the complex.

May is more than frightened.

The Suit branches off as Tommy walks straight ahead.

May continues to track Tommy, she still outside looking in hugging the shadows half running in parallel.

Tommy walks behind a large concrete wall obscuring her view of Tommy and she races ahead to try and pick him up.

But he is gone.

She frantically tries to spot him, but he must have turned off somewhere behind that concrete.


She looks to the wall.

She could climb it.

But she would be seen.

But by whom?

She feels them but doesn’t seen any cameras. There are security guards about but they seem oblivious, more concerned with the crowd.

Could be a trap though.

She edges further down the fence looking for a break.

And she finds one. A break in the fence. A cut. Hastily bound with bright orange wire, but it’s close to a bush and perhaps that concrete block, over by the fence will provide some cover?

She heads there and next to the block proceeds to unwind the wire.

Two guards walk past and she ducks behind the concrete block until they have gone then continues to unwind the orange wire until there is enough of a gap for her to climb through.

As she does so she notices a patch of gold cloth. A jacket pocket. Tommy’s coat. In the pocket drugs. Enough to stock a small pharmacy.

She wiggles under and out and she sees Tommy disappearing into the large building.

Around her people mill. She and we get a sense of deja vu. Like the opening scene the party except this is in broad daylight.

People dance to unheard music and cavort like it’s the party to end all parties.

A couple stumble past her and one of them knocks into May teeters then throws up. Near her not on her. May flinches. But the woman apologies her eyes fucked. Glazed almost opaque. Gone.

Two guards approach and May desperate looks for somewhere to hide but they bypass May and pick up the woman.

Clearly peaking Waay too early!

They drag the woman off and still not paying any attention to May.

The security are in the same trance. Everyone stuck in a recreation of a party long dead but very much alive in the minds of the revellers around her.

Tommy has all but gone into that giant building so May make a bold decision. She puts on a party face slips into the crowd and makes her way to the Warehouse proper.


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