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5 short film scripts wide

Hi Guys (And I mean that in the gender neutral antipodean way),

Sometimes it sucks coming up with new ideas and you want to be a Director not a Writer, right? Well I got a solution.

I am giving away five short film scripts for aspiring and established filmmakers alike. These are scripts that have appeared at the Diary of Short Disturbances this year but I wanted to see if they could have a life out in the wilderness.

And you don’t have to be a filmmaker. Comic book artists – I’ld love to see what you come up with too. Hell if you just want a good read then knock yourself out.

These scripts are all under 20 minutes and vary from low budget to a little more than low budget. Whilst all have a little sting in the tale the common thread here is that weird shit happens all the time, whomever you are. My own little Tales of the Unexpected if you like.

Ok. Black Mirror or Inside Number 9 for the younger audience.

These are be given out under the Creative Commons license this December bundled together into a cheap kindle collection. I will also be releasing a movie script or two but that’s news for later.

There’s no catch, just a couple of Creative Commons Rules.

You can use these scripts in any way you see fit.

They are not for profit, so you can make money of the completed short (who does anyway?)

You got to give me a writers credit and please drop me a line to show me what you’ve made.

If you haven’t already please sign up to our newsletter here to stay in touch. You don’t have to, there’s no ” sign up to receive the downloaded scripts” scheme, but it would be polite and it helps in growing the audience to help others like yourselves. Plus I got some films of my own to make too.

I hope you get a kick out of the scripts and I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

It’s tough making your first couple of films so I hope this gives your project the foundation to succeed.

Now go make something cool



P.S. I am on the Sliding Scale of Dyslexia so if you do find some typos, errors then do point them out. It really helps. Thanks

Drop me a line here or in the comments.



Creative Commons Licence Action/Thriller 15+ A young couple’s first night in their new place is interrupted by the unwanted.

Deja Vu

deja vu poster

Creative Commons Licence  Drama 15+ A boy, a girl, a couple of drinks and the same bloody argument.



Creative Commons Licence  Drama 15+ Junk gets it into his head to quit using only it seems the whole damn world is against him.



Creative Commons Licence Horror 18+ It’s the final days of World War 2 and a dying man plays one last deadly game with his torturer.

Artifical Stars in a Neon Sky


Creative Commons Licence  SCI-FI Thriller 15+ Alone in a sea of people one man searches for answer in a battered old cardboard box.

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