Down a Dark Path 15


©Zig Bingham

A Work in Progress.  First Draft Released as Written Every Wednesday.

Part Fifteen

(Read from the Beginning)

May exits the catacombs the bright light stinging her eyes. She pulls the rabbit mask mask down over her tear stained eyes and tries to pull herself together.

Ahead a sea of revellers, zombies of this crazy experiment still milling around. See sees the gap in the fence where she entered and then looks back to the big building itself.

She walks briskly to the fence trying not to look suspicious, just wanting to get to the fence and get out.

She has to walk past the first aid tent and something tugs at her. She fights it and carries on walking but out of the corner of her eye she sees Honor fighting one of the medics screaming.

Let me go. You crazy fucks.

May keeps walking and makes it to the two remaining ambulances. The skinny Medic nowhere to be seen. She climbs into the ambulance and the keys are in the ignition.

She pushes the rabbit mask back off her head.

She goes to turn the key.

Then stops.

She can’t do it.


She climbs out of the ambulance and walks around the tent following, through the cracks in the tent Honor being dragged kicking and screaming out the back by the Harrased Medic.

The duo are not two feet out when May slams a piece of wood into the medic’s face knocking her clean out.

Honor stands shivering with fright.


You ok?


Honor! You OK?


You OK?

No I am far from being OK. What the fuck is going on? One minute I’m at the party then I throw up spaghetti and I’m in the middle of what ever this is? What is this? I didn’t even eat spaghetti.

Honor is freaking out, her voice raising. Too loud.

We gotta move.

Honor won’t budge.

Then she pukes a gelatinous sack of writhing spaghetti tentacles.

She falls to her hands and knees and convulses.

More vomit joins the first and a small squid plops of the floor writhing in pain.

Honor goes to stomp on the creature but May stops her.

Close up the creature is helpless. Vile yes, but like a jelly fish on a hot beech in a lot of pain.

May bends to scoops the creature against the wishes of Honor now seriously freaking out.

At first it shuns her hands but May grabs it against it’s will and goes back to the tent and puts it into a waiting jar.

Once she has the creature she takes it into the tent and plops it into a jar and pockets the jar.

You want to say… anything…

To say that Honor is confused is an understatement.

We seem to be Guineas pigs in some kind of social experiment run by aliens that are using parasites as a control mechanism or as recorders. I’m being chased by a psycho who’s getting off on all this. I’ve lost Tommy, Gillan and everyone else is in a blind trance reliving the same damn night over and over again.



Yeah OK.

May checks Honor one last time.

Let’s Go.

The two edge around the tent and head back to the yard.

Ahead is the Ambulance now blocked by two security guards talking on the radio.

May looks around and she sees the crack in the fence on the other side of the yard.
It’s either the guards or walk through the crowd to the fence.

Honor. We gotta walk like we own the place. You got me?

Honor looks at the situation and she nods in agreement. Not the best plan but fuck it!

Honor is still shaking so May hands her the Rabbit Mask and helps honor pull it over her face.

Then she grabs Honor’s shaking hands and holds them still.

Like we fucking own the place.

Honor nods and the duo get up and start the walk across the the yard.

At first they move slowly, both unsure that this was a good idea.

One of the crowd comes up to them and sniffs them. Honor then May. Something in May makes them move out of the way. It’s subtle. If you were watching from a distance you’ll probably not notice.

Then another crosses their path and another. Each one giving an almost imperceptible inspection before carry on with their imaginary party. All of them seems exhausted. This experiment wont last for ever.

Something seems off. Seems sour.

As they both walk deeper into the crowd and closer to their goal the crowd starts to close in.

Tighter and tighter like the pair are trying to cross a mosh pit during a raucous gig.

Honor starts freaking again.

May grabs her hand.

Tubbs stumbles across their path and May sees the cataracts have completely blinded the kid. His face sullen and worn out. How long have they been there?

Tubbs “Looks” at the in particular at Honor.

Honor holds her breath May tightens her grip.

May now notices that everyone is silent. Not like before. This time Deadly silent like the life of the players has all but drained.

The crowd has become oppressive and presses in closing ever tighter.

May looks back and she sees that the Suit has arrived on the scene. And he looks around the crowd. Searching.

The duo push on through, both them freaking, but May heads deeper into the crowd using it as cover.

The Suit is getting frustrated, unable to find his quarry.

May and Honor are almost all the way through, ahead is a gap in the crowd. Almost.

WE HEAR A LOUD WOLF WHISTLE that stops the crowd.

The crowd parts and turns to face the sound.

May turns pushing Honor onwards.

Again the Whistle.

They are at the fence and Honor begins climbing through.

The Suit it now standing on a pile of rubbish and with the stillness of the crowd sees the girls escape.

The crowd advances towards the Suit who really doesn’t give a shit.

Where you going? The party’s just kicking off.

The crowd advances on The Suit like hungry zombies.

and more to himself…

This is new.

Arms reach out. Hands try to stop him. Clawing at him.

He slashes out with his knife hacking at the crowd.

May is through the fence now and sees that the crowd is taking the Suit down. Someone must be displeased.

She looks again at the tall warehouse even as Honor tugs at her pulling her away. May hangs back unable to decide to go back or leave with Honor.

Come on!

In the crowd we see Gillan being dragged through the crowd by two security guards.

May and Honor dart around the Warehouse perimeter until they come round back at the front gates


Gillan is thrown to the pavement outside the party.

Motherfucker spiked my drink!

Gillan tries to pull himself together but he is struggling to get up. He gets up then collapses.

He grips the cold concrete determined not to be become a victim to whatever the fuck is going on.

Revellers walk past him. Most ignoring him. Some pitying. One even throws a couple of coins at him to which Gillan throws them back in disgust.


This ain’t ket…this is something…else.

He looks up and sees May standing over him.


She smiles at him for a moment before grabbing him and giving him a massive hug.

Gillan. State of you.

Gillan smiles.

Fucking glad to see you. I’ve been spiked May. Fucking Spiked.

That’s not the half of it.

Read on.

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