NV204 -05

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BACKGROUND NOISE: General cafe noise. Busy road. occasional planes over-head. TV on the background, news report. Transcript of that at CONV 83177b

Miranda: So what did you think? Did you read it?
NV204: The book? Yeah. Took a while to get to the point and the messianic themes I thought were overdone. and the ending…
Miranda: Ssh. Don’t talk about the ending. Someone might be listening.
NV204: Who? The CIA?
Miranda: You’re a little grumpy today.
NV204: Really? Thought I was having a good book.

Miranda Laughs.

Miranda: You said book. I think you meant day?
Nv204: I didn’t say book did I?
Miranda: So basically you’re saying you didn’t like the book.
NV204: No what I was going to say is that despite all that I liked it. The whole fish out of water thing. Seeing the world through Martian eyes I thought was spot on.
Miranda: He isn’t Martian.
NV204: Yeah, but you get what I mean…and the um…what would you call it…the idea that all religions are basically the same just a different point of view. Yeah I liked that. Some people I know could do with hearing that. Here’s the book
Miranda: No keep it. It’s yours…until you find someone else. Give it to one of your friends.
NV204: Don’t have any friends. At least here. Not now.
Miranda: You’ve got me.
NV204: I don’t know you. I come in here and buy coffee and you’re nice to me.
Miranda: So that make’s us friends.
NV204: It does?
Miranda: Yes it does. I decided last week – We’re friends. You really don’t think I’m this nice to everyone do you? Oh that reminds me. Hang on.

Miranda goes off ignores the request of another customer and almost immediately comes back.

Miranda: Here you go. We’re officially friends.
NV204: What’s this?
Miranda: It’s a Kinder-egg…a Kinder surprise…a Chocolate egg…You’re not allergic to chocolate are you?
NV204: I don’t know. I’ve never tasted it.
Miranda: What do you mean you’ve never tasted chocolate? Everyone’s tasted chocolate.
NV204: I haven’t
Miranda: Hang on. You haven’t got disabled taste buds. I mean you do have a sense of taste right?
NV204: Nope.
Miranda: Nope what? Your tongue is disabled?
NV204: No my tongue is fine.
Miranda: How long have you been living in London.
NV204: About two years. I think.
Miranda: And you’ve never tasted chocolate?
NV204: Right. Never tasted Chocolate.
Miranda: Ever?
NV204: Never.
Miranda: Really?

Another customer calls for Miranda.

Miranda: Hang on. This man’s never tasted chocolate.
Customer(very faint): Really?
Miranda: Really
Customer: He’s lying. Everyone’s tasted chocolate.
NV204: I haven’t.
Customer: You were a kid right? You tasted chocolate then?
NV204: I was never that young.
Customer: Where did you grow up, the South Pole?
NV204: I spent time in a youth offenders facility down there but I grew in Africa.
Customer: I’ll wait for my coffee. I want to see this.
Miranda: Here. Take the wrapper off…that’s it…now what I like to do is break the egg…
NV204: What’s this?
Miranda: The Yellow thing contains a toy. Usually something you make. If you’re unlucky you’ll get a puzzle…
Customer: Or if you’re really unlucky, a gnome.

Miranda: Don’t open it yet…take a piece of chocolate…no let me…open your mouth…wider…
NV204: Ahhhh…
Miranda: Ssh…
NV204: Why’d you take it away?
Miranda: When I put this into your mouth I want you to let it melt in your mouth. OK?
NV204: Yes Mother.
Miranda: Are you saying I look old?
NV204: No you look…
Miranda: Don’t ruin the moment. Shut up and open your mouth… Now close.

Long pause. The background noise almost seems to fade away. No planes. No cars. Just a long pause. Almost as if the world has stopped for NV.

NV204: Oh that’s good.
Miranda: Yeah?
NV204: Ooh yeah. Real good.


To Be Continued

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