Six Little Lies – Part 2

©Zig Bingham

A Work in Progress.  First Draft Released as Written.

Part Two



The lines are long outside the club. They stretch down the road in either direction from the modest double doors. One half the size of the other. The occupants of the smaller queue better dressed, better looking and predominantly female.
Two burly security guards dressed in requisite black take turns refusing entry to both lines, occasionally allowing the odd female from the VIP queue in and more often than not turning away the cocky suits that try to bribe their way in.
Across the road a figure hides in the shadows almost unseen save for his piercing BLUE EYES. We don’t see a lot, not enough to identify the man fully enough to get the measure of the man.
He watches the crowd shuffling from foot to foot. Shuffling not just to keep warm. He looks up and down the road and checks his watch. Then to the club, the bouncers, the queue back to the road then to his phone.
He compares the time on his watch and on his phone and adjusts his battered old army service watch to match with the phone.
He’s just about done when the phone buzzes.


We don’t hear the phone conversation the road outside the club is too loud but we can see from Blue Eyes reaction he isn’t happy to be taking orders.
He continues to listen and we see his reaction to unheard instructions.
Blue Eyes looks up and down the road.

I can’t see him.

The muffled caller speaks and Blue Eyes turns around and looks deeper down into the darkness of the alley. He hesitates for a moment then walks down until he reaches a trash can. Still holding the phone against one ear he lifts the trash can’s lid and underneath is clear plastic bag with a brown paper wrapped parcel inside.

I got it.

With that he closes the phone and reaches into the bin.
He takes the package out, remove the parcel from the bag, unfolds the corners of the brown paper reveals a neatly pressed suit with a pair of polished shoes on top.
He shuts off the phone and changes into his new threads.
The suit is a good fit. It’s cut looks made to measure. The shoes perfect.
He pads himself down and feels something in an inner pocket. He reaches in and pulls out a Small VIP card bearing the same logo as the club across the street.
He takes the phone which is sitting on his old clothes checks for messages then pops it into his trouser pocket. He throws the old clothes into the bin.
Something heavy and solid bangs against the steel bin.
Blue eyes takes a deep breath and bends down into his old clothes and removes small snub nose revolver.
He stares at the weapon for a moment calming his nerves, steadying himself for what’s to come.
He flicks open the barrel and inside we see six shiny bullets in place.
He slaps the barrel back into the pistol and slips it into his new jacket pocket then turns to face the club and makes his way across the street straight to the bouncers.


The upmarket club is packed full. Beautiful, rich and the powerful rub shoulders in a hedonistic swirl of lights, smoke and mirrors.
Blue eyes walks through the crowd with purpose scanning for something. For someone.
He passes the dance floor and heads for the bar all the while looking and scanning.
He reaches the bar and waits his turn.
The bar is busy. He may be a while.
He looks around and over the dance floor to the VIP section.
The section is partially obscured by the crowd, by the beads that serve a slight barrier between them and us.
He checks back to the bar – Nearly there.
Then he scans again across the floor and sees a bald head… a BIG MAN… crossing the floor heading to the VIP area then he disappears into the crowd.
Blue eyes doesn’t see the young woman in blue (BLUE DRESS) looking back at him from the edge of the dance floor.
Then he sees the BIG MAN enter the VIP area greeted by a SKINNY MAN who seems to be carrying bad news.
The woman in blue blocks his view and smiles at Blue Eyes.
He looks back to the bar and the barman ignores him to serve another pretty young thing.
He turns back and the woman in blue is upon him.


Blue eyes motions that her can’t hear her. This just encourages her. She slides in closer.


Her eyes are wide as plates.

I’m just getting a drink.

She is aggressively beautiful.

I’ll join you.

That’s ok. I’m waiting for someone.

Looks like you’ve found someone.

Blue eyes lifts his hand up and shows his wedding ring. The Young Woman smiles a little.


Blue eyes stares at her a while as she closes in…


… caresses his chest…

Too bad.

. and then politely straightens his shirt. The buttons are a little off.

There. All done.

Blue eyes is thankful and the woman smiles.
Blue eyes points to his nose and for a moment she doesn’t get inference then realises that he’s telling her she’s got something on her nose, around the nostrils a white powder.
She wipes the powder away and in a mime asks him if she got it?
Yes, comes his mime.
She kisses him on the cheek and heads back into the crowd.
He turns just as the barman approaches and shouts at the barman.

Whiskey. Top shelf.

Blue eyes watches the blue dress disappear as she dances through the crowd.
The whiskey is placed before him.

£25 pounds.

Blue eyes looks at him and back to the drink for a moment – how much.
The barman does break his own stare as Blue eyes hands over a credit card.
He takes a sip of the whiskey and realises why it cost so much.
The Barman returns with his card and a card machine and Blue eyes signals another round. The barman punches in something to the machine and then hands it back to Blue Eyes.
The barman disappears then returns with another whiskey.
Back on the dance floor the woman in blue is being man-handled by some thick necked goon. She fights him back. Domestic or something else? Blue eyes looks around for someone to interject but no one does.
Across the room a security guard looks over whilst another pulls that guard back into minding his own business.
The Goon drags the woman off the dance floor and towards the VIP section through the beaded curtain and into darkness.
Blue eyes looks around and no-one seems to give a shit. Like it happens all the time.
He starts to make his way over to the VIP section and is almost there when he feels his phone vibrate.
He holds it up and on it is a picture of a fire exit. He looks around like someone is watching him, like he’s trying to find the cameras. Then he spies the same exit over the far side of the club. He breaks off and heads for the door.
Upon reaching the door he pushes through and out into…


It’s dark and dank. Not well lit. Piles of rubbish and bear barrels.
Blue eyes looks around. Where next?
To his left a few hundred metres the road. To his right the alley veers off a little it’s destination hidden by industrial bins and the bend.
As if in confirmation he hears a muffled cry coming from there.
He follows the sound making sure he stays out of sight.
Down the alley we see the Woman in blue hurled to the floor by the Big Man

Shut up bitch!

Arnold I wasn’t doing anything. I didn’t do anything.

Shut up.

He slaps her. Hard.

You stupid coked up whore. You really fucked up this time.

Arnold. Honey…

…He slaps her again sending her to the ground in the grime. Blood seeping from her mouth.

You understand? You fucked me.You fucked me hard! What the fuck am I supposed to do now?

Please. Listen to me.

This time he slaps her hard. She starts to bawl her eyes out. Begging for forgiveness, but Arnold the Big man is having none of it.
He pulls out blackjack and slaps in his palm.

Please no. Please.

It’s a real shame “honey”… but there’s nothing to it… I got to mess up that pretty little face…

The Woman tries to placate him clawing at his trousers.

Let me make it up to you.

Too late sweetheart.

He raises the blackjack…
A single shot rings out and hits the Big man right in the middle of the chest.
He turns to face the shooter.
Blue eyes holds the smoking pistol at arms length and the Big Man stumbles forward.
Blue eyes fries another shot into the Big man and this slows him little.
The Big man looks down at the third shot and then topples over face first into the mud.
Frozen Blue eyes looks over the body.
The woman looks up at blue eyes, her arms held out in surrender and fear and shielding the face of her saviour from her own sight.

Jesus Christ! What have you done? Don’t you know who that is?

Blue eyes doesn’t answer. Cold and emotionless or just in shock it’s hard to tell.

Do you realise what you’ve done?

His phone rings and startled he answers it.
She starts to gather her belongings.
The woman sees someone’s giving Blue eyes instructions on the phone.
He looks at her. She at him.
She edges away.
He points the weapon at her.

I’m sorry. I really am.





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