AUDIO/SHORTS Ep01 – Writer’s Block

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Hello there old friend. It’s been too long.

Out of the darkness came nothing. The void that lived within the numb had been silent for far too long. His fingers weren’t used to moving around the keyboard. His thoughts buried deep shrouded by the blanket that made him wish for the old pain.

He had been within, withdrawn for too long. He had been circling the pit of creation, that deep well where enthusiasm drowned long abandoned to the self doubt and the silent criticism he felt from the corners of other people’s eyes.

And he knew that look.

Years ago, he had caught himself give that look when presented in good faith with a friend’s hard work. It was good. Just good. And now that memory’s cold dead hands reached out with whispers that if he hadn’t made it by now it was too late. You’re too late.

Now he was that man. Now he was that woman. Now it was his turn and he felt the unspoken breaths. He heard the same words blowing gently into his ear by sirens of forgotten desires. Too little, Too late. Good, but not good enough.

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