AUDIO/SHORTS Ep02 – I Dreamt of Mountains (That Came Alive)


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This is unedited. Cut and pasted as I wrote it. Straight from my diary. No thought to punctuation or readability or spelling or even to a reader other than myself. It is raw and a stream of thought as I struggled to get down what I had just dreamt. Such was the dream’s power.

At least to me.

I am afraid to post this as I am afraid of what it says about me. Jung would have much to say. Nonetheless this is supposed to be a diary is it not?



I just Had a dream. Loud. Chaotic. I can’t stress just how loud it was. People running everywhere. Madness. Shock. Despair and fragility all around and yet I was calm single minded to the point that I put my self in harm’s way for nothing. No not for nothing. For a glimpse. To see with my own eyes the floating heads with blank expressions, floating down corridors away from the great reveal. Away from the giant truth and from the chaos of leathery wings and infected bites and of the earth itself rising up. Mountains of beasts moving with the speed of aircraft and yet moving so slow. Mountains that roared. Mountains that fought nothing that came alive just to show how small we all are. And the people ran. Everywhere and nowhere.

For more, Click to Read the Original Post from which this #AudioShort was taken. Check out the artist responsible for this AudioShort’s gorgeous artwork.




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