AUDIOSHORTS Ep03 – Have a Nice Daaay!

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I Posted the original story last week, as you may have noticed. Through the week I decided to tweak it a little turning into more of a short story. I then over the weekend worked on turning it into an AudioShort.

Not much to add really I’ve already prefaced this last week you all I’ll do if give you the link to the original post here. 

I did thoroughly enjoy this one. Think I am getting the hang of this narrating malarky.

I hope you dig it.


P.S. Sound effects from this channel. Massive thanks

“You want to hear the truth, dear audience? You want to know how we really feel? The secret behind that smile, that f**king chipper, ‘have a nice daaay’, ‘would you like to go large?’ Do you? Really? ”


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