ZIG unCUT Coffeeee – A short film by…

Another short film from Malcolm E. Klektic Esq. This time titled Coffeee. The number of “E”s in the title probably something to do with the chemicals he ingested whilst making this thing.

We did try again to talk to Mr E.Klektic but he threw fish at us so I doubt we will be doing that again. He did however, leave us a note that reads. “As I never pay anyone for anything I am contractually obligated to mention the actor in this. His name Billy Nomates. That’s not his actual name but to hell with that the contract didn’t state I had to use his actual name. If you’re reading this Bill just remember I hacked your iPhoto account and still have backups of the cucumber pictures. Just remember that. Big kisses Malcs”

Anyway I hope you enjoy this.



P.s. I have started to organise the films of Malcs into a playlist. Click here to visit.




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