Music4Films – Concrete Island – Opening Titles

Here’s another Music4Films post whilst I’m busy away fixing a few websites and a short film or two. This time the inspiration is from J.G. Ballards 1974 book Concrete Island which has inseminated it’s way into my brain. Not entirely sure I “enjoyed” it. but it certainly has left an impression and I really, really would dig making a film of this.

I do hope you enjoy this, my little hobby of scoring films that don’t exist.

I am in the process of reorganising the various websites and projects that I’ve got going on. I’ve just finished my “portfolio” website for the video side of my work to keep things simple for prospective employers and partners.

Now I am thinking to create some kind of umbrella site for my short films (currently being filmed under the CoinOp Theatre handle), Malcolm E. Klektic’s mixtapes/podcast and this the Diary of Short Disturbances. I like the moniker Coin Operated Studios. This would make the podcasts easier. I could put the Diary, AudioShorts and Malcolm’s Mixtapes under the Banner Coinop.Studios. There would be a landing page for all my projects.

Kinda like this…

You may remember that right of the beginning of the Diary I made a bold declaration that this site would be for my writing and musings but it has become a repository for my thoughts and a dumping ground for all my projects. I’ve been away for a while and coming back things seem a little cluttered.

Perhaps in retrospect the vlog/youtube channel has been a distraction and is cluttering up the Diary too much. Maybe I should remove the mixtape and find a new home for them. My feeling is that I should return to something purer, but on the other hand this does has the word “diary” in the title.

I guess the question really is what do you think? You guys that read my pages and watch my videos. Do you like the fact that I pour everything into this site?  or should I refocus?

A friend of mine said recently if you had to chose one thing to focus on what would it be? I said that making that decision would like cutting off a limb. Sure eventually I could cope, but I would be happy? I make films. I make the occasional mixtape. I write and every now and again I dick about in the DAW and make a tune.

All responses considered. Please do leave me a message. I could do with a clearer head than mine on this.





EDIT. I’ve just spent an hour making a mock up of I may have answered my own question but then again…






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