ZIG (un)CUT – Where have I been?

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So I’ve been away from the Diary in a long while. What have I been doing? Have I forgot you? Am I alive? Well the answers (spoilers) are follows. Making a film, nope and yes. But there’s a video below that goes into a little more depth and allows me to talk a little about how I seem to shut down for winter but actually do the complete opposite.

This leads to somethings being put to one side or completely ignored so massive apologies to you all for that. As I said in the previous blog post I am clearing my plate of outstanding work so I can be more focused in the coming year. The Dairy of Short Disturbances will become once again a priority in for my writing and I will soon be putting together the mother-site to collate and organise all my madness in something a little more OCD. Jsut bought the URL COINOP.STUDIO so soon things will clear and my grand plan revealed.

I’ve also linked to a short preview of the VFX I’ve been working on for the next short film that I am busy scoring right now, Late Again and putting together my Resume website (Link here) with a couple of (semi) new showreels of my work.

Will be back soon. Got a lot to talk about and show but this will have to do for now cause I’ve got a deadline to meet.


ciao for now



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