Round of the week’s comings and going at the old YouTube. Been putting together another piece talking about what I love the writing and production of TV Shows. This time the victim is… Well you’ll have to wait until next week but the picture below should be a bit of a giveaway.  I know it’s gets a lot of hate and some it is well deserved but I don‘t want to focus on the hateful aspects just get the cause of my frustration and do something it – Mainly bitch about it then never watch it again. That will go live next monday on my youtube page and a little later here.  Click here to follow the channel and get alerts as soon as the videos drop. 

190527 Let's Talk... Star Trek Discovery coming soon

Meanwhile I chucked together a little round of of news that interested me this week to fill the void. Some good deal over the next couple of weeks. Cubase is having a 50% off sale, Sony Vegas 15 is for sale in a Humble Bundle for £25 and some arsehat sat in a screen full of scared kids watching a horror film tweeting about how funny it was instead of getting an usher. Now I say it out loud like that it sounds stupid. Oh and some people started a petition to get something remade. Can you guess what is?


Just making the switch over to DaVinci Resolve right now and I got to say I am loving it. Every now and again I run into something that stumps me. When I find a solution I post the answer in a quick video – to remind future Zig and anyone else who cares.


Finally an out take. A slice of B-Roll that went too far but made me giggle.


Oh Bugger I nearly forgot. I watched this little arthouse film with Keanu Reeves 😉

Right I am off to see the aged learn-nids hope you all have a wonderful week. See you next week.

(Hopefully have my manuscripts back and commented on then I will release part one of the Story)



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