Meanwhile… this week

You may have noticed that I’ve changed the title. Think it makes sense to put all my news into one basket. So here goes.

ZIG (un)CUT – my vlog

Just one vlog post this week. Another piece to camera talking about my problems with Star Trek Discovery. You might disagree. You might not either way I’ld be interested in hearing your opinions in the videos comments. Click through to watch the video on youtube and like it if you like what I do.

I have to say that for the most part I have found the Star Trek community much kinder and respectful than the Game of Throne crowd that still seems to be in such a tiz over their finale. Lot’s of shouty angry people shouting in CAPS at each other.

Trolls are back on my youtube page but for the most part they are pretty entertaining and the subscriber tally is slowly creeping up and those subscribers are great and encouraging. So that’s nice.

I’ve been writing another short story.

The keen eye amongst you might have seen that I’ve been busy writing another story. This time I’m moving away from script writing and trying my hand at some narrative prose. You get Part One to get your taste buds wetted with part two popping the next couple of weeks so stay tuned or follow via the link on the side for alerts on when I post. I will also be doing an audioshort for this one.

The story is about a young man hitchhiking from his mother’s funeral who catches a lift with a ghost from his past that brings back bad memories and desires long though buried.

click here to read part one of Hitchhiker Blues.

Saw some interesting trailers…

There were a couple of great trailer this week that will go into the vlog at some point but as I was writing this I figured I should pop a couple of links for you to watch now. Very excited about these

You may notice I didn’t post Terminator or the Batgirl trailer because. Yeah. No. Terminator managed to do what all terminator trailers do – show three major spoilers in as many minutes. No point watching the film now.

Oh Not sure about Swap thing by James Wan but I’m sticking it in here cause it did annoy me and I’ve a bit of a soft spot for the old green fella.


watched a couple of Movies…

Putting the finishing touches to next week vlog/review which will be released Monday (seems to be a good day for me) at 00:15am so it’ll be ready for my UK friends first thing and my US friends just before bed. This week I’ll be doing a double bill review of Rocketman and Booksmart. Here are their respective trailers in the meantime.


I also watched the original Godzilla. Not the Raymond Burr recut. The honest to god bleak as hell apocalyptic monster kills millions of people epic. It was great. Will be talking about this soon.

 and Bought Cubase Pro 10.

…and finally I bought a copy of Cubase through their 50% off crossgrade deal which meant I got a £480 piece of software for £145. So I feel pretty special. I’ve only just started playing with it but I can see why it’s so well regarded. Loving it. Complicated but amazing. You have until the 3rd of June (2019) to get the deal then it’s full price again.

Click here to check out the cubase deal (I am not a sponsor and get no kick-back)

And that’s about it for this week. Been away visiting family and getting work done. Just had time to get these two thing posted.

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