Well it’s been a busy week. Went to see a couple of great movies this week and here I talk about two of them and how that sometimes just watching films in the wrong order can mess up your day.

Second up I’ve got a new project that I’ve been gassing about for a while now but have now got underway. There’s a blog for the posts here @ https://babylonundead.video.blog/ the youtube page is live and branded to heck over here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzS6R4rryjIY4Y1k2DW9Gwg 

Catchy URL right?

The first episode is uploaded and waiting for two more to join them before releasing the show into the wild. So no link there yet. Sorry.

but there is a trailer for the channel and a hint for what the first film will be. See it below. Remember to subscribe to be informed of releases. Aiming for once a fornight as these suckers are much more involved than my vlog. I’m also keeping to two very separate. Keeping Babylon Undead laser focused and unffected by my big mouth (hopefully).


and finally a couple of videos to see you through the week. Shit I’ve liked on my Youtube channel. Enjoy. See you next week.

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