It’s Alive! Babylon Undead


I’ve been prattling along about this particular little project for a while now and I admit it’s taken me a while to sort out the fine details and well just get it good enough for the world.

It’s taken me a while to untangle myself from the series of commitments and things to do that seem never to get done but now it’s here and I’m feeling I’m at a point where I can share.

Not with just anybody you understand, with you my precious ones. Ok that sounded way too creepy.

The series is called Babylon Undead and it’s a film review/introduction show that hopes to showcase a wide range of films outside of the hollywood mainstream. To quote the blog –

“Babylon Undead is a series of films created to blow your fragile little minds. Films inside and outside of the Hollywood machine. Films  by mavericks and madmen. Films of the avant-garde. Films of  renegades. Films that polite society would rather you not talk about.”

I’m not leaving my blog (which has become more resolutely my journal) this is going to be an entirely separate entity with laser focus on its “mission”

Take a moment to head on over to the new blog and have a poke around see what you think.  it’s really a preview and this will be going live in a few weeks. You can follow that blog and if you have any suggestions for upcoming films we should look at then leave a comment in the space provided.

Keep cool til after school.




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