So I just watched Ma + X-Men Dark Phoenix


EDIT (12.0619) So the keenly observant of you may have noticed that there are two suspiciously similar vlog post. Well my pedigree chums, this is because the first post I uploaded in my rush wasn’t finished or I hadn’t figured out how do green screen replacement. So instead of deleting the first one I’ve decided to keep both up and see which one is more popular. Personally I love the colour version now I’ve figured it all out but have a look for yourself and let me know what you think.

Wow what I difference a week can make. Went out and watched a couple of films, had a couple of migraines – One during the edit of the latest vlog post.  I did get everything set up for Babylon Undead. Got two more to finish editing before the big release the first week of next month. Crappy time to release in the UK ’cause it’s festival season but to hell with it. I can’t contain it anymore. Plus the sooner it’s up the sooner I can start building an audience.

In this weeks Zig(un)Cut I review Ma and Dark Phoenix then proceed to rewrite the movies trying to make them better then they ended up actually being.

But I am very excited about this.

I’ve just signed the new blog up to Amason Associates cause I was providing links to Amazon anyway so the site may as well get a little something for the effort and it may be a little encouragement for any help I get with the site later in the day. I can pass on any revenue straight to the author of the article or video. There’s scope there.

BU amazon prime 20 days banner

So hope you all are well this week. Here’s a little video double bill for your edification. BTW how do you feel about the whole black and white thing. Me I love it. It’s so much easier to grade. Plus I just like the look.

Have a great week.

and keep cool till after school



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