So I’ve just watched Child’s Play, Brightburn Plus Let’s talk Toxic Fandom

Link to the short film that I think Brightburn stole a great idea from THE FLYING MAN.…

Two posts this week, because there’s a lot that needs to be said. First up we have what is now a regular weekly movie review slot. Two movies, two surprises. A little disappointed with one and super excited about the other, but which is which?

The second video is a little ranty. Had a little online grief the last few weeks and this combined with my ongoing disappointment with “digital” humanity in general I felt it was time to vent a little. Obviously I am not ranting at you good readers/viewers but I would appreciate a little sharing to your more vocal associates. It shouldn’t be so hard to be nice to each other but it is and their is a financial reward for being a prick it seems – At least in the YouTube world.

I also transferred my personal youtube account to a “branded” account because it allows me to give the channel a more appropriate name “Zig Bingham’s Diary of Short Disturbances”. That way everything is making a little more sense.

Hope you’ve all had a great week and I’ll see you all soon. Right now I’ve got to finish part two of Hitchhiker Blues which is turning out great. Very happy think you will be too.

au revoir mon ami




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