So I’ve just watched Midsommar + Anna

Man what a week it has been. I’ve watched a bunch of movies, got episode 3 of Babylon Undead in the can, fought a couple of copyright strikes on my youtube channel. Watched some more movies and made another review or two. This week I talk about the Luc Besson movie Anna and the new feature from Ari Aster Midsommar. I did also watch Spiderman, but felt that it wasn’t interesting enough to do a review on. I’m not saying it was terrible (it wasn’t) in fact it was very entertaining but it was so in a very marvel way which is not interesting to talk about. Plus I want to limit myself to a max of two movies a week. Maybe it’ll be my back up movie?

Next week there’ll be the second episode of Babylon Undead unleashed via youtube so head on over to to stay in the loop and show your support.

Just about finished part two of Hitchhiker Blues so fingers crossed that’ll be up next week.

Hope you all are having a great week and have a great next seven days and I’ll see you next week with another post or two.





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