Babylon Undead Episode 3 now live

Sometime in the future America has become puritanical, oppressive. Toe the line and obey and you’ll be fine if you’re a misfit then forget it, you’re screwed. Non-conformity and aberrant behaviour are rewarded with a tattoo and expulsion to the desert wasteland fenced off and abandoned by polite society. Suki Waterhouse plays social misfit Arlene a young woman literally branded undesirable and  dumped into this open air prison to fend for herself. She’s barely arrived when she is captured by cannibals bodybuilders living in the hollowed out carcasses of fallen air planes.

Director: Ana Lily Amirpour

Welcome to Babylon Undead a series of films devoted to those outside of the Hollywood machine. Films by mavericks and madmen and wild women. Films of the avant-garde. The renegades. Films that polite society would rather you not talk about.

Babylon Undead 03 – The Bad Batch (2016)
Retrospective / Introduction / Review

Written / Directed / Presented by Zig Bingham

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