So I’ve just watched…

Great to be back. Had a strike against my channel and quite frankly it cut a little deep (Tarantino GRRRRR) and I was thinking to drop this whole review thing entirely. However. Screw em! Let talk movies.

Weird double bill I admit, but hey this is what I watched this week.

Timecode Jumps. Birds of Prey 00:28:09 Uncut Gems 08:34:15

Big Thanks to Netflix for letting me show a clip of Uncut Gems and being so quick about reversing their bot’s claim.  Big BOOOOO! to Warners for not being so nice. Remember to support movies. Buy, rent or stream don’t be a pirate. Ah har my mateys.



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Message to the copyright strikers – Fair USE! This is a movie review show and as such I from time to time use short clips from publicly available EPKs and pieces of public trailers. This is to help illustrate the movies I am discussing. I only show what the studios have released to be screened. This is protected under US, UK and other applicable Fair Dealing/ Fair Use laws. The remit of this show falls under a minimum of categories “For the purpose of criticism and review” and “For the purpose of reporting current events”. It could also be argued that in certain cases the show in addition also falls under “For the purpose of educational uses for instruction and examination” especially when I do my deep dives and discussions. The intent of the show is to encourage people back into the movie theatres, renting and/ or buying movies and sharing my love of movies with a like minded audience, parhaps turning a few people on to some hidden gems.


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