Journal – What to do in lockdown? I know make a movie!

This is a test. Good we are back. Familiar keyboard. Familiar screen. Why has it been so long since we’ve faced each other? I had it in mind that I would buy a laptop… actually two… and that went well. So two months later and it is two months, I am here staring at you again and wondering why I left it so long.

A lot has happened. The “event” has us now in lockdown. I have been fixing and mending, cleaning and sorting, rearranging and reorganising. Procrastinating.

So I have been struggling with my movie. Got a beginning, something of a middle and great ending. This middle is the problem though I suspect the problem is me and my procrastination. The time dicking around with the cards (I used them to plot out the structure of the piece) I could have written the damn  thing as I see it and maybe the middle would have spoken to me. As it is I am in almost exactly the same spot just with a better beginning, questioning the ending and the middle just as saggy as mine is getting in this lockdown.

Still at least the drawing is getting better.

Lockdown did however give an old idea legs and now I feel have something – something I will not share here because it’s good and I can see it and I know that if I move my arse this might be the movie I can film whilst in isolation. At least a part of it. Most of it in save the final act when the protagonist has no choice but to leave his cube. Simple idea. That will work if I move fast ’cause if I am thinking this then there are millions more thinking the same thing and some of them are doing something about it.

and probably fucking it up.

or doing it better.


So that’s where I am at. This is what is going to happen. I am going to make a movie. and I am going to write a movie. and these two things may be the same thing or they may not. Time will tell.

Ok I’ve said it now. I have to do it.

That’s it. It’s done. Now comes the hard part. I gotta stop dicking around and just do it.


I’ll post here as usual but if you want more I am an instagram fiend. Feeds my love of images and then there’s the The Diary’s Fb page. Links nearby. I’m going to close the emailer from mailchimp because it’s one too many things for me to handle. I’ll let the wordpress mailer do it’s thing because it’s actually more elegant and straight forward than mailchimp and just works without constant messing around with picture sizes. Plus it’s confusing for the user to have two mailers ( and I can’t switch off the wordpress mailer).

and I haven’t even talked about Babylon Undead which is starting to become something of it’s own. A collaboration between folks that love movies and place where we can talk to up and coming directors about their projects. Testing skype tonight and if that works then Babylon Undead’s podcast will rise.

My Instagram (post most days- often more)

My YouTube (post once a week – at least)

The Diary’s Facebook page (everything feeds into this) the sleeper must awaken.

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