(Private) Journal Entry – Tuesday

Today is another one of those days. Plenty to do and to be done in a particular order. Already I am stumbling at the first hurdle –  writing. Must be a Tuesday. Tried installing writer duet to start on the script(s) but it wont install on my amazon tablet. I could expand on the story of the lockdown script (that’s it’s codeword it’s real name is something else and I appear nervous to even release it’s name – yet) but having just reread it to dick around anymore would be just that – to dick around.

Been trying to do at least one drawing a day. Yesterday was hard. I kept procrastinating and putting it off. Sure I had a video to get out but that too was only because I had procrastinated so much on that the video. Three times I shot it during the previous week. Three times I fucked it up somehow. The first was the sound. I didn’t record any sound. The second, the footage was out of focus. The third I just couldn’t get the energy right. Trying to make something a simple piece to camera is sometime is but anything but simple – in reality it is just procrastination albeit inventive. Nothing to be proud of.

Bought some Chavant clay and started experimenting with sculpting in it. It is a wonderful clay. Like a cross between plasticine and earth clay. Great stuff. Easy to mold. signed up to  the Stan Winson school to learn a few tricks and tips and to learn how to smooth and detail the service. I made a very small bust. Nothing terribly interesting save for what it suggested – I seem to be fascinated by tentacles.

Spoke with the Babylon Undead boys and they made me laugh so hard. Proper belly laughing. I needed that. The audio was acceptable too. Skype as a backup  medium will done fine. No way to edit the levels after but that’s the price you pay. Zero Dollar. So  far the only option that has been consistantly without issue. Save for the inability to record individual streams unless all participents are on a PC. Wish this tablet I am typing on had a proper spell checker. Kind of quaint having to use another device to check the spelling. It identifies miss-spelt words but does offer any correction. Must be a setting I haven’t switched on.

Hemmingway said writing is easy all you got to do it sit down at a typewriter and bleed. I think the sitting down is probably harder, like going out to buy the razor and discovering the three nearest stores are out of stock and you got to walk a couple of miles to a place frequented and run by extras from a 80s slasher flick, trudging home, in the rain unwrapping it and finding out that the damn thing is blunt. Sometimes it’s like using the blunt razor. Jesus I am so dramatic today! I’ve said this before just getting there, making the writing habit and not a chore well… that’s the trick. Though judging from how I am rambling currently It would seem thought that maybe I need to warm up a little before I hit the script. Maybe it’s a mechanical issue or the interface between thought and fingers – something needs to be awakened or stretched.

Remember to send of your short story today. See if you have found your collaborator. The person to copy edit and proof your work. God knows you need it. A fresh pair of eyes and likeminded soul. It isn’t easy trying to find someone who’ll accept your McCarth-esc prose. Clearly I don’t like making things easy for myself. 😉

As for the drawing? You got some full body exercises to do. More procrastination from doing the hardwork. Hair. My new hands.

Just remember you love hands now. It’ll be the same for hair. Trust me.


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