Journal – Writing a script on my phone or trying to…

So here I am talking into my phone like a lunatic. Trying to write without hitting the keyboard. Trying to find a way that I can write and walk killing two birds with one stone or at least stretching my limbs while I stretch my mind. 

I just tried using writerduet to kickstart my scripts. Links here to see how well that idea went. I have two in mind. The first is the one I’ve admittedly been struggling with Vigilante, the story of young lady rescued by buy an apparent knight in shining armour who turns out to be anything but. The second is my lockdown script, no doubt one of 62000 million being written at the moment as most of the world is in lockdown. It is not so much a lockdown movie as a suspenseful thriller with the lockdown being the glue, the restriction on the characters that prevents them from doing things which would break the script. you know it’s very hard to say what something is about without giving anything away at all that is a skill in itself. And the lockdown script (it’s code name) is the one I should really be focusing on right now but it’s good for me to have two scripts –  If I get bored one I can hop onto the other and bounce between the two. 

And if I can somehow get both on my phone, so I can do this while I’m walking or out and about or just when the thought strikes me, then all the better.

You’ll have to excuse the lack of punctuation as I still haven’t figured out exactly how to make Google Voice dictate insert the correct punctuation or rather the punctuation I would like to see. No doubt this is going to be increasingly difficult the more I go via the sword of Cormac McCarthy but now for my scripts which are going to adhere to the correct formatting and to proper English grammar and punctuation. This Google Voice translate or text to order voice to speech seems to do very fine indeed so long as I don’t mind looking like a complete lunatic talking to myself or to my phone like some caricature of a 80s businessman shouting at his secretary or like some romantic novelist named bubbles dictating to her worn down secretary.

I could get used to this. This speech to text is a dream of mine since a teenager. My typing has never been terribly efficient or fast and I feel like it’s taken me approximately 30 years just to be able to keep up with the youngsters but in truth I’m only marginally faster than hunt and peck. No that’s not true, I have been harsh on myself, I am better than that but it does require me sitting down at a keyboard which as I’ve said before can be the most tricky thing to do.

So here I am talking to my phone like a crazy person wandering around the house trying to get my head around the fact that I’m living in my own future unfortunately a future that sadly is lacking jetpacks but nonetheless it still amazes me.

Now if I can only get writerduet to work on my phone…


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