Flashback Radio Head – Kid A remix

This is another blast from the past or flashback if your prefer. One of the very first video pieces I edit way back when I had an Graphite G3 iMac. Limited space. Limited resolution, but I loved the looseness of the piece and even now it touches me. Clearly I was somewhere when I made this and clearly there was some shit I was working through. Wish I could talk to that kid and whisper it was all going to be fine. Relax, but not too much. Still without that kid I wouldn’t have this snippet into where my head was so long ago.

And I wouldn’t have got serious all those years later and started to properly learn how to make films. A process I am still learning.

The audio is a bit crunchy now and it’s a pretty low res by today standards but it is what it is.

A visual diary extract.



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