Let’s Talk… I woke up in a Star Trek future.

This is a repost from my IGTV account (April 3rd 2020) in which I talked about how I was feeling the second week into the lock-down here in the UK and what it meant for me emotionally. It’s cropped and it’s off the cuff. What makes Star Trek wonderful is it’s hopeful outlook on the future. Star Trek, for me has always been a lone Island in a sea of dystopian nightmares and don’t get me wrong I love Bladerunner, Alien universe at el, but I wouldn’t want to live there. Within that thought is the war for our minds between choosing a hopeful Utopian future or a depressing oppressive future in which there is no hope where there is nothing but the grind. it is by no accident that Star Trek is been shoehorned into this grimy violent future and that other potentially optimistic futures are not being funded. whether subconscious or not there seems to be a concerted effort by the money to tell us to deal with the situation and give up any ideas of a Utopian future. today I felt a glimpse of that bright progressive future and it was delivered by the same people telling me to give up… thanks to all the people that have been sharing their wonderful works created under such extraordinary circumstances. you know who you are. thank you.

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