FlashBack – Hank -DnB Music video “Guns don’t kill people…”

Flashback from the early days. Circa 2000s

“Guns don’t kill people… People kill people” Watch the whole video for the retort to this statement which sadly has only become even more true. This was created just before 9-11.

This a short DnB docu-music video – Couldn’t think of a better word for it then or now. Created around the same time as the Radiohead video. You will see some of this video crept in to the RH video if you look closely. Also spot the Flash Gordon inserts that are simply amazing. Had to really edit the hell out of that to get it to work and from VHS too. There’s so much “hand speed-ramping” using the jogwheel on the VCR and “flashing” DV tape to get that pixelated bursts. All mixed on a tiny hdd and a G3 PowerPC with 13gb Hdd. That’s about 1 hour of DV footage after you account for the operating system and programs. Then you had to find a way to save the project. Didn’t have a re-writer so once the project was done it was wiped to make room for the next project. I’ve still got the original footage knocking around somewhere. Probably next to me rolls of Super8 film.

I was a big “found footage” guy and all I wanted to do was edit. After a while of using other folks images I started making my own but that cam after a road with a few bumps and loose gravel.

Hopefully if I get into college I’ll get to do one or new of these music collages again.



P.S. LOHFi was the handle I was using when I was creating club visuals.

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