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The Path not taken (micro short/sketch)

I am haunted by wrong decisions, by memories of paths not taken. I see glimpses of a life that could have been through dreams of that other me. Vivid. Clear. Like a moment of clarity the Nexus of other mes swirl around the one I visit tonight and for a moment there is peace. Around me the walls of space and time open up like the eye of the storm within a hurricane the space expanding in a slow motion explosion a []

Journal Extract – I can’t write

March 1st 2020 I’ve lost the feeling that enables me to write. I let it get cold. Got distracted. Forgot that I have to spend every day at the keyboard to at least get the fingers working. Work doesn’t count. I meant writing. Actually creating. I am like a cat at times, easily distracted, too prone to jumping form one thing to the next. Remember you must focus. The only way you get good is to focus. Distractions shouldn’t become all consuming. []

So I’ve just watched…

Great to be back. Had a strike against my channel and quite frankly it cut a little deep (Tarantino GRRRRR) and I was thinking to drop this whole review thing entirely. However. Screw em! Let talk movies.


I’m BACK!!! Writing a movie, creating a new movie review channel with some friends and generally dicking about. Description. Whilst I wait []