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The Authors own “Work Page” – Click Here

The amazing animator and now game instructor. M Dot Strange.

The beautiful Upstream Color. Support the Artist Shane Carruth by downloading directly from here


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#timelapse #sunset 18-35mm kit canon lens #timelapse #sunset 24mm #samyang #VFX for my short film #LateAgain just a little more to do.  Can you tell what it is yet? #dc #VFX for my short film. Got so much done this week. Nearly ready to hand off.  #lateagain. #timelapse  this is what I got today. #learning #filmmaking #timelapse. Bad sky day. :( So today I discovered that #photoshop has a great automatic #photostitching tool. #sunset collage? #photography #bristol #sunset Heres a crazy idea. 
5 Free #Short #Film #Scripts

#screenwriting follow at for details.
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