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Read from the beginning. #6LittleLies now five episodes in. #screenwriting #noir #thriller #crime Bristol is a living movie set. #creepy #alley #filmaking Great for a chase scene. Coincidentally... Sat down and started to draft a Sci-Fi thriller TV series called #TheEnemyWithin which is inspired by  the events told in the #DarkPathMovie  script.

Very productive week. 
#creature #screenwriting  #bodyhorror #cronenberg On a roll. Writing-wise. Bouncing between two projects. This is #MyF'dUpCrazyEx - working title. A romantic dramedy that becomes a stalker/slasher film with musical numbers. Think Takashi Miike. Unfortunately I doubt I'll be able to afford the musical numbers. But maybe fate will be kind and bless this crazy project. 
Apologies but this one isn't going to be posted to the Diary. At least not yet. 
#screenwriting #musical #slasher # 20 pages down. Part three of my new #screenwriting project Neon Noir Thriller #6LittleLies 
Live at #6LittleLies new year new #scriptwriting project. Neon Noir.  Parts one and two now live. 
Thriller 15+ Part Two . A Neon-Noir. Six bullets , Six Victims, and One man with no choice but to play their game.

A detective on leave due to bribery and corruption charges finds himself in the middle of series of gang related executions that reignites an old obsession causing him to spiral out of control in search of the truth behind tonight's murders and the ones nearly cost him his job 15 years ago. #screenwriting  and so it begins.

Next feature Project? #DarkPathMovie  it's done! Finito! And one week ahead of schedule. 
Read the entire movie script at 
Hmm... Now what? #timelapse #sunset 18-35mm kit canon lens #timelapse #sunset 24mm #samyang
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