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A career criminal makes his getaway after discovering he’s been an unwitting player in a human trafficking ring that has dark occult roots. Roots that go all the way to hell and back.

It’s about redemption, forgiveness, love, hate and blind rage.  It’s starts off as a conventional crime thriller but rapidly handbrakes into something decidedly more sinister.

Be warned – This is extremely violent, often brutal, contains scenes of horror and is peppered with mature language. So with that in mind I’m putting a cautionary 18+ rating on this. But if you like your tales in the mould of Davids Lynch and Cronenberg with a seasoning of Clive Barker, then you’ve come to the right place.

Each part or chapter was released episodically as we do with some of the longer works here. Big fan of Dickens so I thought I’ld take a leaf out of his book and impose a deadline. And it worked.

Well I hope you enjoy this dark tale.

Thank you



  1. Part One  – Prelude to Violence.
  2. Part Two – Daybreak.
  3. Part Three – Lillith.
  4. Part Four – Tennent.
  5. Part Five – WTF.
  6. Part Six – The Chair.
  7. Part Seven – Forest.
  8. Part Eight – The Good Doctor.
  9. Part Nine – Kimi.
  10. Part Ten – Echoes of Violence.
  11. Part Eleven – Return to the Forest.
  12. Part Twelve – Can’t see the woods.
  13. Part Thirteen – Guess who?
  14. Part Forteen – What lies beneath.
  15. Part Fifteen – The field of nightmares.
  16. Part Sixteen – Batten down the hatches.
  17. Part Seventeen – Burn.
  18. Part Eighteen – One last dance.
  19. Part Nineteen – Pinky Swear.
  20. Part Twenty – Sister.

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