Whatever Happened to White Poo?

Whatever happened to white poo? I used to see it everywhere. In the playground. In the park. On the way to school and on The way home. Whatever happened to white poo? Why do dog owners have to pick up there dogs poo? Why don’t cat owners do the same? Cat poo smells worse. And contains worms that fuck with your brain. But we don’t have to pick up cat poo. Is that racist to dogs? Where are all the dogs who []

Special Delivery

A row of unassuming semi detached houses. A sunny day. An unseen bird tweets the Nokia ringtone as a small flock of tiny people with wings instead of arms dart out of the privet hedge and into the sky. We hear a diesel van pulling into view revealing it to be the sound of a HPS courier. The van stops outside number 7. After retrieving his clip board and a fairly large box The driver (Courier) saunters up number 7’s short path []

First Time Buyers

READ Alternative Earlier Version here SCENE ONE. The First prop on stage is a large rectangular box. The type used to transport popcorn tubes in. It is just big enough to fit a couple of people in and would reach their waists when standing. The Second prop is a sign that reads “TWENTY MINUTES INTO THE FUTURE”. They are the only props in an otherwise black/blank stage. An ESTATE AGENT leads a young professional couple (PETER and FIONA) onto the stage AGENT: []