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Journal – Writing a script on my phone or trying to…

So here I am talking into my phone like a lunatic. Trying to write without hitting the keyboard. Trying to find a way that I can write and walk killing two birds with one stone or at least stretching my limbs while I stretch my mind.  I just tried using writerduet to kickstart my scripts. Links here to see how well that idea went. I have two in mind. The first is the one I’ve admittedly been struggling with Vigilante, the story []

Journal – What to do in lockdown? I know make a movie!

This is a test. Good we are back. Familiar keyboard. Familiar screen. Why has it been so long since we’ve faced each other? I had it in mind that I would buy a laptop… actually two… and that went well. So two months later and it is two months, I am here staring at you again and wondering why I left it so long. A lot has happened. The “event” has us now in lockdown. I have been fixing and mending, cleaning []