Shoot Her Dead

The two exchanged stares. Tommy’s hand grasping the gun within his pocket but unable to remove it. The strength of the old man immense, holding the young man firm.
Relax, sit back down and have a drink… Or we can get to it right now.

NV204 – 6

NV204(very hoarse): Miranda.
Miranda: Jesus. SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULANCE…What happened?…
NV204: Long story. Ow! That hurts.
Miranda: Sorry. Is that better?
NV204: Christ!

Have a Nice Daaay!

“You want to hear the truth, dear audience? You want to know how we really feel? The secret behind that smile, that f**king chipper, ‘have a nice daaay’, ‘would you like to go large?’ Do you? Really? ”

Dream 2:15am 19.02.18

I just Had a dream. Loud. Chaotic. I can’t stress just how loud it was. People running everywhere. Madness. Shock. Despair and fragility all around and yet I was calm single minded to the point that I put my self in harm’s way for nothing. No not for nothing. For a glimpse. To see with my own eyes the floating heads with blank expressions, floating down corridors away from the great reveal.

NV204 -05

Read From the Beginning TRANSDICTION OF CONV83177 INDEX 15.20.40 BACKGROUND NOISE: General cafe noise. Busy road. occasional planes over-head. TV on the []

NV204 – 04

Read From the Beginning TRANSDICTION OF CON83175 INDEX 14.35.40 Operative: NV204 BACKGROUND NOISE: General cafe noise. Busy road. Occasional planes over-head. TV []

NV204 – 03

Read From the Beginning NV204 Personal Log Can’t Remember the last time I felt normal. Don’t know why I am writing this. []