Shoot Her Dead

The two exchanged stares. Tommy’s hand grasping the gun within his pocket but unable to remove it. The strength of the old man immense, holding the young man firm.
Relax, sit back down and have a drink… Or we can get to it right now.

Six Little Lies – Part 6

Neon Noir Thriller 15+ Part Six.
You close to Shelly?
-Just a friend.
You had an affair. Right? messed with your marriage. Seemed like more than just a friend.
-Friend with perks.
I wouldn’t call a divorce a perk.
-You haven’t met my ex.

Six Little Lies – Part 5

Neon Noir Thriller 15+ Part Five. Six bullets , Six Victims, and One man with no choice but to play their game. Jack loses his tail and finds a witness to the shooting.