Short Film


FADE IN: INT. THE FLAT – NIGHT. Assuming the POV of a tiny astronaut, we glide through the front door’s letterbox and []

Special Delivery

A row of unassuming semi detached houses. A sunny day. An unseen bird tweets the Nokia ringtone as a small flock of tiny people with wings instead of arms dart out of the privet hedge and into the sky. We hear a diesel van pulling into view revealing it to be the sound of a HPS courier. The van stops outside number 7. After retrieving his clip board and a fairly large box The driver (Courier) saunters up number 7’s short path []

Deja Vu

EXT. THE PUB ENTRANCE – NIGHT JOHN Storms out the pub. His shirt is stained and misaligned. He’s drunk and more than a little pissed off. He walks back and forth continuing an unseen argument. Eventually sees his messed up shirt and throws a drunken hissy fit. JUNE John. John. JOHN! JOHN What?!? JUNE What the hell was that? JOHN What? JUNE What? JOHN Yeah What? JUNE THAT! In there. John gives a look that she should know what? JOHN I’m going. []


INT. THE SQUAT – DAY The couple lie in a squalid bed made from pallets and an old mattress. Next to the []