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This page is intended for the eyes of the Production team only.

~Hello Friend,

Thanks for taking the time to look over our mini epic. Everyone has worked so hard on this and we are so close to finishing but we need a little help to get over the finish line.

Begin here

First up is the present cut of the the short film Late Again. This is presound mix and I am still working on some of the VFX but after the main clip you’ll find two short clips that’ll focus on the two scenes I need help with.

Here’s Late Again as it stands as of 20.03.18




Help with these two shots.

Here are the two Scenes I would like help with. In these two scenes I am looking for some kind VFX guru to recreate Wally West (DC Comic’s The Flash) running about.

The first scene is where Wally disarms a lone gunman with his super speed. I have done very temp FX to indicate timings and the sort of thing I’m looking for. The gunman eventually has his shoe laces tied up and there I haven’t done a test shot, but this will give you an idea before we have a face to face.


The Second scene is during the closing credits where a humble cinema usher discovers Wally’s bag that contains his costume.The lens flare indicate where I want wally to run. Some blurry hand snatching is required here also.





An Example Wally’s Superspeed FX

And here’s a scene where Wally is struggling and the point where the audience isn’t sure what’s going on. This will give an idea of what’s already done and inspiration for Wally’s speed blur look. Doesn’t have to be the same as this scene is from Wally POV but it should look like they are the same phenomena told from different temporal view points.



Example Clean Plates

Here at the clean plates and below are links to all the video files. For you to have a closer look. Now I can supply clean plates in an image sequence or any format that’s best for you. Obviously this is something we’ll discuss during our face to face.



In Conclusion

So that’s where we are at. Any help you can give to this project would be most gratefully appreciated and I thank you for taking the time to consider helping out.

I’m going for a somewhat grounded version here but it is a comic book homage after all we’re talking about a man that runs very, very fast.

Let me know when you’ve watched the videos and let me know if this is something you think you can help me with. Obviously full credits and a little pocket money.

Thanks again and well speak shortly.




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